Retaliate Against Alex Jones’ Treacherous Psychological Warfare!

  • Posted on: 30 September 2009
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Rebel</a>

<strong>AN INSULT TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL</strong></p>
On occasion, this blog will be compelled to comment on events that occur outside of our corner of the "prison planet", this is one of those occasions.

New anti-capitalist pamphlet for Michael Moore Movie Goers

  • Posted on: 28 September 2009
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" the notion (pdf)</a>

With a new movie focused on how fucked up capitalist society is we hope to engage these people on some fundamental level. While a pamphlet is not sexy, it can at least point people in the right direction.

Zerzan on Chomsky and Jensen

  • Posted on: 27 September 2009
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Noam Chomsky is the keynoter at Portland’s ecoNvergence conference––statecraft expert and perennial champion of that exhausted, colossal failure, the Left. Over and over the same bankrupt song: vote for the Democrat (e.g. Kerry, Obama) and try not to notice how awful every aspect of mass society is becoming. Support leftist regimes, and blame neo-liberalism for the unfolding eco-catastrophe (a topic rarely mentioned by Chomsky).