In Defense of Food Not Bombs

  • Posted on: 5 August 2009
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Been some nasty drama going on and I decided to write something when FNB got called "white supremacist." If these people aren't cops they are missing a good check!!!

As a person of color who has bleed and sweated to build the Food Not Bombs and peace movement in Chicago I have never read anything more stupid or offensive coming out of the anarchist movement.

City anarchist group attracting attention as G-20 summit nears

  • Posted on: 4 August 2009
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>They may not believe in authority or delegating tasks, but a group of anarchists on Saturday hosted a perfectly organized picnic — down to the very last bowl of pasta salad.

The picnic held by the Pittsburgh Organizing Group attracted about 50 people to Schenley Park, where members were quick to dispel the myth that anarchism is about chaos.

True Colors: An Open Reply to Food Not Bombs and Those Who Defend It

  • Posted on: 4 August 2009
  • By: worker


Well not really. The online shit-storm that has ensued (mostly on and facebook) following release of the "Open Letter to Food Not Bombs" was to be expected. When the oppressed stop playing nice, stop accepting their oppression, stop waiting for whitey to change, stop suppressing their anger, comment after comment the oppressor shows their true colors.

Confrontation with the PRIMARY enemy is coming up in 7 weeks!

  • Posted on: 3 August 2009
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On September 24-25, the G-20 will be meeting in Pittsburgh to try and save capitalism. Global warming will also be on the agenda, but expect no results there-and that's NOT why they are meeting!

Those who use their soldiers to impose a capitalist agenda on places from Iraq to Congo, from Honduras to Afghanistan, will be meeting and plotting how to screw us all.