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A New Radio Play Written by Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain

Hey Swainiacs! Check out the gonzo radio play Sean wrote!

It’s called Eating Bob, it’s produced by Insurgent Theatre, and appearing about once a month at You can also share it around on the social medias, here:

Call Out for an Anarchist Bloc at the October 22nd March Against Police Brutality(Seattle)

The October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality has recently called for a march and rally at 5pm at Westlake on October 22nd. This has been a tradition around the country since 1996, and differs year very little from year to year. The Coalition itself is a splinter of the Revolutionary Communist Party(RCP) and maintains both authoritarian and statist ideas in terms of it's campaigns. In the past Anarchists in cities throughout the US have held their own separate marches or tried to have a presence inside these marches on October 22nd to counter the dominant RCP narrative.

New Radical History Blog for St. Louis

From Tre Bitch Times

We aim to get as much information as possible out of the cold hands of the academy and the clouded language of history and put it back into common usage. This is perhaps naïve and doomed to fail for a number of reasons, but we’re interested in trying nonetheless.

ISIS Recruiting Criminals, Anarchists Who Participated In Ferguson Riots

From St Louis CBS

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is trying to recruit the criminals and anarchists in Ferguson who participated in riots after Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Libertarian Communist Group: An assessment and an appeal

About ten months have now passed since the Libertarian Communist Group (Grŵp Gomiwnyddol Libertaraidd) was formed in Wales, in November 2014. The decision to launch a new organisation last year was borne out of disappointment at the demise of both Collective Action (CA) and its short-lived follow-up, the Libertarian Communist Initiative (LCI). Our consequent frustration was compounded to some extent by the fact that one of our comrades had also been a member of the previously defunct Liberty & Solidarity (L&S).

2015 IAS Writing Grants

From IAS

The IAS received over 35 applications for writing grants in 2015, many of them outstanding. We awarded money to support the writing of two. The grants awarded are for projects by Laura Hall and E Ornelas.

topic of the week: Anarchist Parenting

Lots of anarchist parents desire more support from other anarchists, frequently with not a lot of specificity about what that support would be. Lots of anarchists think that parenting is not the best choice for anarchists. Lots of parents end up isolated. Lots of parents get a lot of judgment about how they raise their kids. Lots of older anarchists who are childless end up isolated. Meanwhile the state treats children like property that we might or might not be responsible enough to maintain. And there are as many conflicting theories about childrearing as there are about weight loss.

In Defense of Bob Black

From Aragorn! Blog

For those of you that haven't heard I threw an event with Bob Black at our local infoshop on August 7th 2015. At this event local activist Morgan Le Fay came to protest Bob for the 1995 Hogshire affair and ended up punching him a few times (3) in the face. A month later Bob announced on Facebook that I was both a traitor and enemy. He proceeded to blow my pseudonym (incorrectly) as an act of vengeance.

FRR presents a talk from the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair: On Hostis and The Politics of Cruelty

Listen here:

Andrew, of the Hostis Journal, gives a 30 minute presentation at the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair on the politics of Cruelty. In the talk Andrew discusses the religious history of anarchism, utopianism, apocalyptic millennarianism, revenge, movies, ethics & morality, and the problem with the "good life." This is followed by about an hour of conversation(some of the questions are low audio so I wrote down what people said in the timestamps) on topics ranging from revenge, lone wolf actions, asymmetric conflict theory, defining enemies, and much more.

On a Cascadian Militia, a Response to the Cascadian People’s Brigade and Toward an Autonomous Cascadia

"To illustrate the failures, both contemporary and historical of the Canadian and U.S. occupation of the Bio-region of Cascadia, the CIP would like to submit the following list of grievances to illustrate our need for independence and self-sufficiency.
1. Federal laws affecting our bioregion are at the mercy of people who have never lived in, or even been to, cascadia. Thus we do not have proper representation in the legal court that dictates the society we supposedly are a part of.


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