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Anarchy Radio 09-15-2015.m4a

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Anarchy Radio 09-15-2015

California burning, Pinker at it again in his blind defense of civilization. Many
amazingly insulting Ads of the Week. Homo naledi: buries its dead almost 3 million
years ago, looks like us. I million UK oldsters haven't spoken to anyone in a month.
Civ makes us stupid, isolated Action news.

Anarchy Radio 09-08-2015.m4a

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Anti-cop blow-back heightens. Future drought/fires aimed at oil/gas pipelines. Unprecedented sandstorm covers Middle East - not a "natural" disaster. "The End of the Tour" - David Foster Wallace story. Political/civic institutions flailing. Medicalization of alienation, denial of arriving catastrophe. Man kicks robot, action news. Two calls,

Anarchy Radio 09-01-2015


Off the Pig (it's happening). Reviewed: Behold the Black Caiman, Rush Hour, Speak,
Geek Heresy, Purity. New Orleans fantasy safeguard, only $14.5 billion. Next: mining
the seabeds(!). Dating yourself: the answer to isolation. Action news.

Rydra on Anarchy Radio

From John Zerzan

Rydra, of Free Radical Radio fame, co-hosts: history and theory of FRR, what's up with SF Bay Area anarchy, report on Seattle Anarchist Book Fair. Remove those unsightly sweat glands (Sweat Experts), this week's round of modern disasters, tech ads of the week, action
briefs, two calls.

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Zerzan on Nature Bats Last

From Nature bats last

John Zerzan has been active in anarchist circles for some time and has done his weekly Anarchy Radio broadcasts for the past 15 years. Books are Elements of Refusal, Future Primitive, Running on Emptiness, Against Civilization, Twilight of the Machines, and Future Primitive Revisited. This fall his Why Hope? will appear. He's spoken widely since 2001 from an anarcho-primitivist/green anarchy/civilization critique perspective.

Civilization Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink

Acidifying oceans, melting polar caps and glaciers, severe weather fluctuations, the metastasizing cancer of mega-cities, contamination of air, water and soil, soaring extinction rates – and all the rest that you are likely well aware of regarding the physical environment of this planet.


Light - By John Zerzan

Simple, supremely commonplace. Ever present, this light that is nowhere else and everywhere else. Life-giving, living. It is the aura of each winding day and also a dimension of, a key to our place in nature. No accident that a yearned-for revelation/state/ destination seems always depicted with dramatic light.

Anarchy Radio: On egoism, nihilism, anthropology and post-left

Bellamy from Free Radical Radio for the hour. Egoism, Jason McQuinn, nihilism dissected. "I'm surprised more anarchists have not adopted the term 'anti-left' to describe themselves," a South African listener. Godfrey Reggio interview on Sin- gularity website; anthropology corner.

A Word on Civilization & Collapse

Collapse is in the air. We’ve already seen the failure, if not the collapse, of culture in the West. The Holocaust alone, in the most cultured country (philosophy, music, etc.), revealed culture’s impotence.

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