Two new announcements from Distinctively Dionysian

i want a sea burial - thecollective_1.8

From Distinctively Dionysian

How to Bury an Anarchist and new Renzo Novatore translations

From Distinctively Dionysian

New column: How to Bury an Anarchist

Anarchist GravestoneHow to Bury an Anarchist added to Distinctively Dionysian! This now monthly addition follows along with the creation of a natural burial ground & forest restoration/conservation cemetery simultaneously blossoming in both Southern Oregon & British Columbia.

In the death & dying arena, How to Bury an Anarchist covers human composting, direct to Earth forest renewal, plans for those w/unique wishes & concerns (like, protection of pseudonymity or nom de guerre before and after death, free services for the houseless, anarchist archive handling, memorial planning and ensuring specific direct actions take place post-death, and so on.

You can find the new column in each issue forthcoming. If you ‘d like to contribute, contact us.

How to Bury an Anarchist explores a variety of land and conservation topics from acquisition to actively protecting the forest in perpetuity from gov & industry interference, dam breaching, wild salmon efforts, fracking pipeline & eminent domain direct actions, reforestation and a myriad of death & cemetery topics…


From Distinctively Dionysian

New Renzo Novatore translations & a set of captivating postcards are complete for the October issue of Distinctively Dionysian.

Thrilled about the first issue of Autumn 2019 as we’ve included Novatore’s Oscar Wilde book reviews, a passionate love letter to egoists by Alexandra David-Néel, some rare Isabelle Eberhardt, Baudelaire and much more.

To receive a copy, visit the subscribe or about page

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seems like a really cool idea right up my alley. the vibe, the topics, the woodprints, the collage i saw on their twitter.
they should get a better graphic artist/designer to make it all look super pretty since it's printed and being sold.
right now it looks like a normal well made zine. get in touch with contagion press to get pointers or help with prettifying it.
anyways, great work, best of luck, keep it up.

don't listen to anon 16:09's consumerist desire for a more zoomer a e s t h e t i c.

DD is beautiful and perfect as it is.

nooooo, no zoomer aesthetic! just i want it to look more old timey/timeless/classic, not fonts and layouts that look too Print Artist TM circa 1995. maybe find an old print shop run by old people.

it is perfect and beautiful as's just... well u's not's nit-pickynist...i don't buy books or trinkets or widgets (any more?)....unless foods are widgets...some foods are widgets.....grrr...u r a widget

Hopefully these folks have the sense to ignore all feedback and criticism

you know, they do have the sense. i'm just babbling cuz it's the anews comment section, not their blog or twitter...and i wasn't even fantasizing anyone would take my feedback into account, i'm more interest in feedback to my feedback, like what has been provided so far by you and mu. and the more i can prolong the chat, the better.

Mu doesn't like me, thinks I'm trying to tell people what to do. Typical anarchist ;)

it must be hard being the most powerful pokemon after all

... Thanks I guess?! I don't self-identify as a Pokemon but that's a hot take!

haha, nah, it was a lame pun on Mu (Mew is the pokemon). ah, now i sound as if i know about kid stuff.
oh well...awkward.

Is this really "two new announcement from Distinctly Dionysian"? Or is it "the collective" deciding to publicize a personal communication to as public announcements? I've noticed that "collectives" often impose such things on free individuals without checking with those individuals.

you know, it's simpler than that: it's a retweet for those who don't use twitter.

the collective owns this infrastructure and would rather use it for discussion rather than rely on platforms like twitter.

this website is an aggreator. stuff gets posted from websites, msm newspapers, blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.

if it's on the internet and it says "anarchy" or something related, it's fair game to be posted. for comments.

nice of you to leap to the defense and representation of so many unnamed and nameless victims of tehcollective's terrible practices.
i bet all those unnamed and nameless really appreciate your protection.

I so enjoy riddles!
How do you bury an anarchist? Hand them a shovel.

Next riddle: what shape is your shovel?

On the eve of a major publishing project, Distinctly Dionysian's Twitter account disappeared in September 2020 and their web page hasn't been updated in two months; what happened?

since i like their publications, i was reading their tweets because they're funny but then they set their account to private so you can't read their material without an account.

I'm assuming that their task of putting together bacchus editions is a little overwhelming, and that they've been affected by these wildfires out west.

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