TOTW: Occupy 10 years later

Shock-u-py and Awe-cu-py

Around 10 years ago the first Occupy protest to grab large public attention began on September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, New York City. By October, Occupy had setup camp in over 951 cities across 82 different countries, and over 600 spots in the USA. By the end of 2011 and not far into 2012 most of the Occupy spaces had been cleared by the authorities. This week, we’re taking a look back and into the future of Occupy ideas.

ToTW: Beyond Left and Right

The Right and The Left are no more nuanced than any of the other identity terms that many anarchists recognize as superficial and massifying. That said, models for groups of people can be helpful, so what are better models to use? Obviously anarchists are familiar with color-coding (red, green, etc). What if that were made more interesting? Shading? Hues? Polka dots? What would your creative and generous model be for how to understand and talk about differences and similarities?

TOTW: Inititiation and Anarchyland

There are some pretty clear ways Anarchy acts as a space of initiation. Facing death (even if not particularly consciously) while fighting cops in the streets, understanding your simultaneous power and powerlessness in the face of the state and institutions, finding elders to learn from, and perhaps even discovering something that feels like community, family or home, however fraught all those words and concepts might be.

TOTW: Solarpunk Anarchism

What can you burn that is somehow related to this topic?

Topic of the Week: The sun still rises and with it a new conversation is shared over the wires. Over the years, here at Anarchist News we have posted topics discussing various tendencies within the anarchist space and this week we are talking about a rather new set of ideas on the block (but also old) related to solarpunk anarchy.

TOTW: Anarchist Anti-Vaxxers

I'm not like other anti-vaxxers

Where this concentration of control will go is uncertain, there are certainly not-totally-coocoo-crazy visions of vaccine passports and unvaccinated fines but, these systems move slowly and in another year perhaps the seemingly unstoppable nature of Covid will have eroded enough vaccine-trust that this won’t be an issue.

Some, however, are not waiting for that erosion of trust to happen on its own.

TOTW: Trash & Landfills

It's a giant game of Tetris where people are piling up trash quicker and quicker until it hits the top and then, game over.

There are less controversial, piquant and risqué topics that are nevertheless urgent and vital. For example, what to do with trash. Landfills are a big problem. They're quickly closing down, full to the brim with trash. You might live near a landfill that’s about to close, leaving you and your neighbors to drown in your own trash. Merely living near a landfill is harmful to your health, imagine living inside of one. Many people don’t have to imagine. In fact, they will never know another life.

TOTW: Banning! Revisited

Long ago when Anews and related projects were in their infancy the topic of Banning was explored to discuss and develop ideas for physical spaces and to also consider how anarchists might employ these ideas to the online space as well. All these years later many anarchists are still grappling with the idea of banning so it seemed a good time to recompose and revisit the original topic...


fun or death! have fun or die trying!

Topic of the Week – As parts of the world are opening back up and returning to “normal”, other areas are experiencing the worst yet of the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, there have been many stories of people picking up new hobbies, quitting their jobs, and finding themselves on new adventures in dark times. This week, we’re discussing the topic of fun.


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