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Pivot to Spanish

nature is a language, can't you read?

From The Anarchist Library by anonymous, ex-Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Collective

What follows is a very inflated argument for the first of three proposals[1] I had for the development of “language policy” with respect to the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair. When I started writing, the intended audience was no larger than the other people who make the book fair happen, i.e. members of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Collective (MABC) and a slightly larger circle of volunteers and friends. I began writing in the spring of 2020, before the 21st iteration of the book fair on May 17 of that year, although I had drafted shorter texts on much the same theme in earlier years, also for a readership within the collective and the next innermost circle of collaborators. Most of the writing was done over the summer of 2020, after the 2020 book fair was over and, more importantly, after I decided that I wanted to leave the collective, which was at some point in early June.

Art & Anarchy 2020

Art & Anarchy 2020

From Montreal Counter-information

The twenty-first edition of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair has to look radically different this year, but we’re striving for as much connection across distance as we can during our daylong gathering on Sunday, May 17, 2020. To that end, rather than our usual Art and Anarchy exhibit in the physical bookfair space, we’re calling on people to physically share anarchistic art and banners on the streets of cities across the globe. It’s a way of embodying our love and solidarity for each other, and also illustrating quite literally that we’re still here, that anarchism is still alive and well.

2019 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Panel w/ From Embers, Solecast, Intersection'elle & The Rebel Beat

From Solecast

This episode of the Solecast is a re-air from Podcast panel at the 2019 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair.  This panel was hosted by Mugs and its participants were From Embers, Rebel Beat / Changing On The Fly, Intersection’elle, and myself.  We discussed anarchist podcasts in general, their role in the movement, Channel Zero, and the sort of feedback we have gotten from our projects.  The conversation took some interesting philosophical turns as we talked about privacy, identity and alienation, among other subjects.  We also got some great questions from people in the audience about prison abolition, starting a new podcast and how to handle the feedback and permission of interviewees.   Much love to the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair for inviting us in for this awesome discussion and for its amazing work keeping this vital infrastructure going for 20 years! 

Statement on Cultural Appropriation – Updated 2019

From Montreal Anarchist Bookfair

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair collective opposes all systems of domination and hierarchy, which necessarily includes white supremacy.

We work to make the bookfair as accessible as possible, and recognize that failing to adequately address instances of white supremacy is an issue of access. Over the years, one manifestation of white supremacy in particular—cultural appropriation—has meant that many people who feel the brunt of racialized oppression have felt unwelcome at the bookfair. We’re striving to change this as best we can, and part of this means trying to figure out better ways to concretely address cultural appropriation as it plays out at the bookfair.

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