We Are What We Always Were


From Gods and Radicals by Christopher Scott Thompson, October 13, 2021

A Response to “What Happened to Anarchism”

This post is a response to Rhyd Wildermuth’s “What Happened to Anarchism? (A Critique of American Antifa)”, which was published here on Gods and Radicals on September 7. As I am an anarchist and anti-fascist, Rhyd must have known I would disagree with his article. Still, I doubt he would have predicted the impact it had on me. After reading what Rhyd had to say, I was up until four in the morning wrestling with intense anger and sorrow because of his words.

About the Statement of the Libertarian Workshop Alfredo López in Havana

from A las barricadas, English translation by Anarchist News

by Octavio Alberola

Due to serious health reasons in my family environment, I was unable to comment on the recent Statement of the comrades of the Alfredo López Libertarian Workshop in Havana nor to the reaction of comrade Gustavo Rodriguez. I do so today because I consider it urgent to manifest that solidarity between colleagues should not impede criticism, if it is considered to be well founded; but also that it must stem from the (libertarian/anarchic) right to have a discrepancy in a fraternal debate and of mutual respect.

Mutual Aid Does Nothing Alone

from The Commoner

Mutual Aid Does Nothing Alone: A Rebuttal to Joanna Wuest

In her article ‘Mutual Aid Can’t Do It Alone,’ The Nation author Joanna Wuest alleges that mutual aid is insufficient to support people in (and out of) crisis. She contends that while mutual aid is a useful tool, its efficacy pales in comparison to state programmes. Yet Wuest fails to engage the arguments of mutual aid’s progenitors and proponents. What results is a confused and potentially harmful perspective on a core anarchist principle that has sustained people for generations.

The Truth about “The Truth about Today’s Anarchists”

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