An (incomplete) Affirmation of My Relationship With Primitivist Thought

from Eco-Revolt by Julian Langer

My relationship with the school of thought that is primitivism is very split between intense affirmation and intense differentiation. And that is essentially all I wish to communicate through this piece.

Topic of the Week: Anarcho-primitivism

"Not long ago, Primitivism was a significant strand of North American Anarchy. During the period of the WTO protests… and through the Green Scare repression of environmentalists, John Zerzan's ideas about the dangers of technology were undeniably important to many on the left."
-Towards an Anthropology as Science Fiction
Dominique Ganawaabi, Black Seed #7

AnPrim On Fire: Human Supremacy Within Anarcho-Primitivist Narrative

From Vegan Primitivist

Within anarcho-primitivism plays an ongoing dialectic pinpointing origins of the problem of civilization. Impugning only capitalism or the industrial age is seen as much too timid. From the left, radical environmental activist leader and author Derrick Jensen notably impugns the point people exceed their capacity for self-sufficiency, the dawn of cities. In Ishmael and The Story of B novelist and civilization critic Daniel Quinn renders agriculture as human’s dichotomizing choice to be Givers or Takers. Couple cities with agriculture and you’ve hit the anprim sweet spot.

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