Anarchist Fugitive Abtin Parsa in Defense of Armed Resistance

Anarchist Fugitive Abtin Parsa in Defense of Armed Resistance

From asranarshism via AMW English

We are in a war situation, some of us were killed, some of us are in prisons, some of us were pushed to escape and are being hidden and many of us are under a lot of pressure. We should accept that resistance against state and capitalism is not the easy way of life but we have no choice: either we resist together and survive, or the state and capitalism will kill all of us one by one.

Anarchist Prisoner Soheil Arabi

Anarchist Prisoner Soheil Arabi


Only they who have lost their fear of death are in truly in love… My heart yearns for comrades who can hear

my voice even though a more a dreadful and torturous prison awaits me for the crime of wanting to be a voice for the oppressed and my fellow inmates. Yet to be human is to endure the hardship of accepting responsibility, and there is no greater responsibility for the rebel than to stand with the oppressed. I must be the voice of people like Meysam, and thus refuse to fear Two Alef, 209, One Alef, and the regime’s other horrific prisons

Voices of Notara. Part 2: “they can only kill the fear in our hearts”


This is one in a series of interviews with people involved in the Notara 26 squat in Exarcheia, Athens. The struggle for the free spaces here is made up of people with very different backgrounds, life stories and ideas. We aim to record people’s own words without imposing our views – though of course we can’t escape our own perspectives, or the limits of translation.

Anarchist Prisoner Soheil Arabi – “Anarchism Means Flying Forever”

from anarchists worldwide

Soheil Arabi, the anarchist political prisoner, writes from the notorious Evin prison in northern Tehran, Iran…

Anarchism means flying forever. Since the very moment we open our eyes to this world, from all sides, a net of religion, nationality, language, “race”, sexism is thrown over our intelligence, as an obstacle to flight. When you talk to me about religion, race, language and superstition, then I try to build wings out of these nets to fly towards the infinite freedom of thinking mind.

The Final Straw: Perspectives from Iranian Anarchists

The Final Straw: Perspectives from Iranian Anarchists

From The Final Straw Radio

This week on The Final Straw we feature a chat with a translator of the Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran to share perspectives from membership in Iran and abroad about resistance to the regime from within, solidarity from abroad, the impact of US Sabre-rattling.

“The Greatest Purveyor of Violence”: Black Rose Statement on U.S. Aggression Against Iran

“The Greatest Purveyor of Violence”: Black Rose Statement on U.S. Aggression Against Iran

From Black Rose Anarchist Federation

Black Rose Anarchist Federation / Federación Anarquista Rosa Negra unequivocally condemns the U.S. assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in Iraq. This is a provocation and an act of imperialist aggression that adds to a long history of U.S.-led military and economic violence in the Middle East, including the recent crippling sanctions which most severely impact poor and working class Iranians. This assasination has every possibility of escalating into a large scale armed conflict — something that would undoubtedly lead to the immiseration of millions in the region. 

Statement on the Assassination of an Iranian State Terrorist

Qasem Soleimani was a genocidal man that has killed thousands of men, women, and children in the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. He lead sieges for Assad and recruited Afghan refugees in Iran, many of them children, to die in the Syrian civil war. This state assassination was carried out by the United States in the obvious interest of Donald Trump’s election and what was done has not been and will not be in the interests of the people in the Middle East

Iranian anarchist prisoner Soheil Arabi severely beaten by prison guards

Soheil had experienced prison torture in the past. Most recently, he was summoned, interrogated and severely beaten for his connection with the letter he wrote from the Greater Tehran Prison about the condition of the prisoners in Fashafoyeh “Greater Tehran” Prison. In result, he has suffered an injury to his testicular area. Following the hospital visit, he was returned to prison without treatment. He was also denied access to a telephone and visitors.

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