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Santiago: 42nd Day of Social Uprising, by ANA

  • Posted on: 6 December 2019
  • By: thecollective

"We are facing a powerful and ruthless enemy who respects nothing or no one. That doesn't respect the lives of humans, that doesn't respect our heroes. " The sentence is repeated several times by the President of the Republic, this time in a previous action of the police. ---- FEAR is one of the most powerful weapons in power, so they continue to promote a climate of paranoia to demobilize and divide the oppressed. ---- The state redoubled its efforts to pass its "anti-hooded law." Piñera points to anarchists, the Barras Bravas and drug traffickers as a coordinated triad to unleash violence by trying to mix water and oil, but this is chemically impossible. ---- The communication plan is to exceed the looting of small stores, offering a great journalistic coverage. They hit the owners' tears key to the point of exhaustion to heighten the drama, that is, the capitalist press releases a powerful emotional charge to delegitimize the Social Uprising.

Alternative Libertaire AL #296 - Editorial

  • Posted on: 11 July 2019
  • By: thecollective

from A-Infos

Editorial: Merge to excel
The process initiated between Libertarian Alternative and the Coordination of Anarchist Groups has therefore come to an end. ---- The Libertarian Communist Union was born under the acclamations of the Allier congress. It's a political success and a method. ---- Wanting to avoid stagnation in endless, purposeless discussions, as well as a hasty and ill-controlled merger, AL and CGA co-elaborated a " road map " setting out each stage of discussion, verification, validation, etc. . ---- The general philosophy was: no device negotiations, no deal behind the scenes. Everything had to be put on the table and approved collectively. Eighteen months had been considered sufficient to go around the question, imagine what could be this " merger-overtaking " and culminate in the joint congress of June 2019 which was to pronounce the final decision.