Great Anarchists | Review

Great Anarchists | Review

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Anarchism, despite being a rich historical tradition with theorists and thinkers from all over the world, and which has influenced a great many social movements, is unfairly maligned at times. Some pigeon hole it as an anachronism, based on the worship of a prelapsarian past; a mindset of the small-society and essentially obsolete today. Others malign it as overtly and centrally European, unequipped to deal with the struggles faced by people of colour and colonised peoples today who may demand a nationalism of their own for the sake of safety. Beyond this, some – often of the more traditionally Marxist stripe – tend to label it utopian and divorced from material change: too busy focused on what could be to deal with what is.

Pioneers of British Anarchism: Rita Milton

From Freedom News UK


After the Second World War British anarchism was left in a state of near-collapse, with Rita Milton being one of a very few people who kept the philosophy alive. Her robust speaking at Hyde Park and Tower Hill was an important part of the activism that helped drive anarchism’s revival in the 1960s.

Anarchists in England and Wales launch Autonomy News website

Autonomy News - news from anarchist and frontline struggles

This week anarchists based in England and Wales launched a new website, Autonomy News ( The site was envisioned during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and is aimed at highlighting mutual aid efforts by communities, and bringing together the different strands of anarchist resistance and struggle.

Autonomy News is inspired by people organising to meet their own needs in ways that build autonomy, resilience and collective power beyond the state, capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy.


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