Summary of the “Chaos Gathering”


via Contra Info

The talks were given with sincerity and trust. Everyone came to participate or to listen without detracting from the nature of the activity. We would like to receive your feedback, criticisms, proposals! We are motivated and continue to think about how to discontinue the logics of inertia; how to spread affinity, chaos and anarchy. Nothing is over, everything continues!

Arson in solidarity w/ anarchists in hunger strike

"Subversive and anarchist prisoners in hunger strike since March 22...40 days"

from Contra Info

In the night of Sunday April 18, while out walking in the street under the curfew restrictions, we set fire to a bin and a high-end car, a Volkswagen Polo 1.6. The theatre of this liberation by flames is 4000 Yerbal Street, in the Flores district. We left a few fliers on site saying: “Long live the subversive/insurrectional struggle. Our solidarity is attack. Freedom for the subversive, anarchist and mapuche prisoners. Shit to the decree-law 321 in Chile! Freedom to Marcelo Villaroel .”

Statement by the comrades from Free Pampa Cell (FAI/FRI)

via Anarquia.Info, English translation by Anarchist News

Hear the cry of the call to the multiform revolt. We are like wolves that howl at night: we have Siblings of the struggle rotting in their cages... They invite us into the combat, those from Malos Aires who dare to interrupt their dream-killing normality: insurrectionary hug comrades! Here we are, the rural bandits facing the enemy. It’s difficult for us because, logically, our "anonymity" here hangs by a thread.

Arson Attack Against Prison Truck

via Contra Info, English translation by AMW

Arson Attack against Truck of Villa Devoto Prison in Buenos Aires, Argentina

As a gift to those who believe themselves the kings of the lives of others, early in the morning on Wednesday, January 6, 2,021, we set fire to a salvage truck belonging to the Villa Devoto jail on 4900 Pedro Lozano street in the city of Buenos Aires.


3 Years Since the Death of Santiago Maldonado

3 Years Since the Death of Santiago Maldonado

From Anarchists Worldwide, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Three years after the disappearance and assassination of our anarchist comrade Santiago Maldonado, words will never be enough to cover the pain generated by the death in action of a comrade in the hands of the enemy and in the recuperation attempt of the reformists, but we can find those that speak of our convictions, of the surrender even in moments where everything seems to be going downhill, of the comrades who time and again raise their heads and in the darkness of the night or in the hooded street struggle claim the insurrected memory, because that is where neither El Lechuga nor any comrade is forgotten, when we do not let the pain overcome our surrender, when we do not give in and affirm once again the social war that the authority has declared on us long ago.

The Impetuous Germination of Anarchy

The Impetuous Germination of Anarchy

From Anarchists Worldwide, Argentina, by Pampa Libre Cell (FAI-FRI)

The handful of reflections that follow have come to us almost unintentionally. They are one more contribution to the debate on the issues that move us; a small stop on the troubled road we are now travelling. It is good to share visions about what worries us and throw them like a bottle into the sea…Perhaps they will serve to fertilize the sowing and/or sharpen the tools suitable to advance in the realization of what we dream…To all the warriors of praxis a sincere embrace from the region that fails to dominate (as they would like) the self-proclaimed state of Sargentino. May 1000 new rebellions flourish.

2 Years Since the Disappearance and Murder of Anarchist Compañero Santiago Maldonado

From Anarchists Worldwide

Exist / Resist

Two years have passed since the gendarmerie entered a piece of land, far away, where a Mapuche community still lives today, and started shooting. They entered shooting because this piece of land had an owner, an owner who had a huge amount of properties, and it bothered him that there were people who occupied one of them. That was the justification for the State to enter with its bullets, for torture and persecution, for imprisonment, for death.

The 2018 G20 in Buenos Aires: Complete Report

From CrimethInc.

Following up our coverage of resistance to the 2017 G20 summit in Hamburg, we present the conclusion to our coverage of the 2018 G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the demonstrations against it. For two decades, we have studied global political and economic summits as sites for protest and intervention. For this purpose, it is just as important to study the summits at which the state has succeeded in imposing social peace, however artificial, as the summits at which they have completely lost control of the situation. A complete analysis of the summit in Buenos Aires would have to begin with the ¡Que se vayan todos! uprising of 2001 and trace the subsequent cooptation of Argentine social movements to account for the difference between the combative revolt that toppled several governments in succession 17 years ago and the comparatively tame response to an extremely repressive global summit in 2018. This report explores the events of the summit in great detail, however, and concludes with interviews about the mobilization.

Argentina: Anarchist Prisoner Anahí Salcedo is Finally Receiving Medical Treatment


Three months after her transfer from Fernández Hospital to Ezeiza Prison, comrade Anahí was taken for exams, physiotherapy sessions and general medical consultations- some in prison and others in different hospitals, with secret transfers and special groups of cops for “terrorists”. Although we know that the terrorist is the State.

Argentina: Update on the Cruel and Inhumane Treatment of Anarchist Prisoner Anahi Salcedo


Anahi Salcedo has been held in Ezeiza Prison since January 10th. She is on remand accused of the explosive attack against the tomb of the infamous, genocidal torturer, Commissioner Ramón Falcón, Chief of the Argentine Federal Police that took place on November 14th, 2018 – 109 years since Falcón was executed by Anarchist comrade Simón Radowitzky.

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