On the closure of Kadterschmiede and our handling of open spaces

On the closure of Kadterschmiede and our handling of open spaces

From squat!net Berlin, Germany, published May 8th, 2020

Wednesday, March 25th - Our lawyer told us that he should pass on a telephone threat from the police to us. The content of the threat was that the cops would enter Rigaer94 if Kadterschmiede would not close officially. After a due to timepressure admittedly short discussion, we then announced on twitter and our website that we would not open that day.

200 People Take to the Streets for Unregistered Protest

Motto: Time does not stand still – Mindful protest in times of corona and state of emergency.

The protesters gathered individually and in groups of two, kept a distance of 2 meters apart and most of them wore mouth / nose protection. After 30 minutes, those assembled disbanded their protest. Prior to that, the police had asked them to end the protest.

Arson Attacks Against Bosch Security and Dr. House Solutions

from anarchists worldwide

No Evictions, No Security Control! Bosch and Dr. House Solutions Vehicles Torched

There is no curfew yet, but while during the day people in parks and squares catch the first warm rays of sunshine, the streets are quiet and after dusk the streets seem to be empty. Life has withdrawn into the supposed private sphere, social contacts are largely interrupted, communication is shifting to digital. In public space, the opinion dictated from above now prevails. Open meetings, demonstrations – almost every exchange and resistance begins to become invisible, a dystopia.

Bremen, Germany: Police Station Attacked in Solidarity with Linksunten Indymedia

from anarchists worldwide

Solidarity with Linksunten! Cop Station in Flames!

Bremen on the night of 28.01.2020, with the fire at the pig station in the Steintor quarter we are responding to the ongoing state attacks against our structures and the banning of Linksunten Indymedia. The ban will be heard at the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig in the coming days. The result is irrelevant to us. We do not believe in the constitutional rules regarding freedom of the press and freedom of speech. We don’t make demands.

Hambi Stays – Hambacher Forest Update

from anarchists worldwide

HAMBI STAYS : Press Release Jan. 17th, 2020
The news have reached us yesterday that the German government has decided that the Hambacher Forest should not be cut down. This is a statement of the Hambacher Forest Press Team:
This news brings us neither joy nor despair. We interpret this as part of a political strategy aimed at delegitimising the Hambacher forest occupation. In the following points we clarify this as an attack on the climate justice movement.

Cyberspace: Archive of Linksunten Indymedia Published Online

from anarchists worldwide

“The resistance is global… a trans-pacific collaboration has brought this web site into existence.”

that’s how the first article on started on November 24th 1999. By forming the Indymedia network, we put journalism and press work about our actions and protests back into our own hands. With Indymedia, the anti-globalisation movement testified that a different and empowering “globalisation” in solidarity is possible.

“Hard times demand independent media…”

wrote those who started in their foundation statement.

“After #COP25…” – Statement from the Osterholz Forest Occupation

After COP25 and the Economic Stimulus Package: Stop Appealing to those Responsible! What We Need is a Revolt!

Wuppertal. Haan. December 26th, 2019. Since August 15th, 2019 we’ve occupied the Osterholz Forest. A lot has happened in these four and a half months. The forest that was supposed to be cleared in October is still standing, and that’s good. We will continue to actively oppose the possible clearing for the capitalist interests of a private company called Oetelshofen.

3 Trucks Owned by Arms Exporters Thyssen Krupp Torched in Berlin

Berlin, December 2, 2019
War Begins Here – Attack Arms Corporations
During the night from Sunday to Monday we penetrated the grounds of Thyssen Krupp in Berlin Tempelhof and torched three trucks.
Thyssen Krupp is mainly active in steel production. With its subsidiary “Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems”, the company is also involved on a large scale in the war industry. With the construction of warships, the company earns several billion euros annually. Their ships and submarines are exported all over the world, one of their biggest customers being the Turkish army.

Attack Against Deutsche Telekom & Nissan – From Berlin to Greece & Worldwide…

Attack on Deutsche Telekom and Nissan: From Berlin to Greece and Worldwide – Fire and Flames to the State, Capital and the Bosses!
In the morning hours of 13th of December we set fire to five company cars and one radio antenna on the Deutsche Telekom premises at Hannemannstraße in Berlin-Britz as well as to two cars in front of the Nissan car dealership at Gärtnerstraße in Berlin-Alt-Hohenschönhausen.


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