Attacks Against 3 Mobile Phone Towers

you love to see it! (also, fun fact: "ácrates" is a gender-neutral way of saying "anarchists" in spanish)

from attaque, English translation via, by cretin

Full title: Saint-Etienne, France: Coordinated Attacks Against 3 Mobile Phone Towers by A.C.R.A.T.E.S (Coordinated Associations for the Anti-Tech Revolt and Eco-Sabotage)

In the night of November 2nd to 3rd 2021, we led a coordinated attack against three cell towers around Saint-Etienne by setting them on fire. (And not one, as the media tried to make it look like!) This cut off telephone communications and momentarily interrupted the dependency that the techno-world needs to survive.

Arson Attack Against Private Security Company


via, translated by cretin

Full title: Milan, Italy: Arson Attack Against Private Security Company SKP

Anti-piracy service, escort to VIPs, installation of surveillance devices, consultancy activities on security matters, etc.

For all these reasons, a couple of SKP vehicles were set on fire in the night between 27 and 28 October.

Report-back – Gidimt’en Yintah

solidarity means attack!

from Montreal Counter-Information

Full title: Report-back for Wednesday, October 27, 2021 – Gidimt’en Yintah

On wednesday morning an action was put into effect in response to the posturing of RCMP in Likhts’amisyu territory which is approx 40 km away from the Gidimt’en drill site occupation. The action was in solidarity with Chief Dtsa’hyl who, while acting as an enforcement officer for Likhts’amisyu clan disabled 10 heavy machines which were being used to destroy their unceded territory and build a new road, which CGL says they own. It was assumed by police presence and a variety of other factors that enforcement would occur, and it did. The main objective was to show force, solidarity, and defiance to the incursion of the Canadian state and industry on Wet’suwet’en Yintah.

The fairies will never be electric

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Sabotage of an electrical station, “the fairies will never be electric”

Don’t forget to turn off the light on your way out

The modern world has held us hostage non stop, ever since childhood, venting the merits of security and making us forget the copious dose of servitude we must accept in return for progress through a series of increasingly poorly kept promises.

Arson of an Enedis vehicle

via attaque

A former dictator once said that communism is the soviets plus electricity. This image shows how compatible his worldview was with today’s society. The passage of time has shown us how false the promises of technical progress were. But the “empowerment” of workers, who no longer need foremen because they have them in their heads, or citizen involvement in the management of the “common good” are increasingly used as instruments of social pacification.
Instead, we prefer the equation “anarchy is fire plus freely and temporarily associated individuals”.

No Whistling In The Atlanta Forest: A Communique

four construction vehicles with broken windows, one of them is nothing but charred remains, and next to it is another charred vehicle

This is a story about a couple of queers who gathered last night to reject destruction in the name of profit and power and to destroy the machinery of the nefarious polities that have defiled the Atlanta Forest. We have deep respect and regard for acknowledging that this is Muskogee land and was the site of horrific abuses, of displacement, chattel slavery, and prison slavery.

Attack claimed by Arsonist Troublemakers

via Athens Indymedia

Our hatred for this rotten world is tearing your borders apart, tearing down your antennas and leaving only smoke, sending our solidarity signals. So, on Sunday, April 25, we set fire to a COSMOTE car (TELEFONE COMUNICATIONS COMPANY), on 25th of March Street in Triandria.


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