Rally in Solidarity w/ Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

"Gabriel Pombo Da Silva. A vengeance of the State. We demand his freedom."

via contra info translated by Anarchist News

[Spanish State] Rally in Solidarity with Fellow Anarchist Gabriel Pombo Da Silva (Saturday October 17)

Since July 1, comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva has been held in the FIES 5 regime (special groups) at the: Mansilla de las Mulas Penitentiary Center, Paraje Villahierro, 24210 Mansilla de las Mulas (León). His mail is being intervened with, so the letters, always by certified mail, must be of encouragement and moral support, without political content.

March is Coming: The Next Phase of Revolt in Chile

From Crimethinc.

Since October, the territory nominally controlled by the Chilean government has seen massive demonstrations against capitalism and the state that have opened up exciting new possibilities for social transformation. The movement has shown unprecedented longevity and resilience in the face of brutal repression and efforts at co-optation. With the summer vacations coming to a close, a new chapter of this story is about to begin. Our comrades in Chile present an overview of the situation along with translations of recent texts from anarchists on the ground in the movement—focusing on anarcha-feminism, the rejection of electoral politics, and strategies for toppling state power.

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