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reading about anarchism is a crime

from Biblioteca Anarchica Disordine

One of the most important guarantors of these freedoms is to be found in public prosecutor Manuela Comodi of the Perugia prosecutor’s office, who in a brilliant police operation unleashed her watchdogs – the ROS carabinieri – to raid the homes of numerous anarchists in Italy, looking for anarchist publications no less! And think, she even managed to find them… To tell the truth it wasn’t that difficult; like looking for philosophy books in a philosopher’s home or paintbrushes in a decorator’s workshop…

Tang ping

a master at work...- no, wait! - no gods, no masters, anti-work

from bugs

Here are translations of some of the posts by Luo Huazhong (the Kind traveler) about their idea of Tang ping (lying flat).

These posts came from their now deleted Baidu account, screenshots and transcriptions of which you can find in various places by using a search engine. I started with machine translation and then went through and fixed the machine’s mistakes. There are certainly some things I got wrong, and I will continue to edit this post with further corrections, but even in its messy form this is a really beautiful bit of thought!

In Defense of Associative Specificity

fuck your team

from Anarquía, English translation by Anarchist News.

by Gustavo Rodríguez

Since the defeat of Spanish anarcho-syndicalism, reiteration is a frequent ocurrence in the Babellian context in which the life of the so-called "anarchist movement" painfully takes place. As if it were "Groundhog Day", we are condemned to repeat the same experience indefinitely. Time and again, the ideological displacements and the conceptualizations of others gain presence in our camp. Thus - again - the notions of "sect", "sectarianism" and "sectarian" emerge in the debate. We don’t have the slightest chance of escaping from this vicious cycle. Like Phil Connors (Bill Murray) in the famous comedy, every day the same song is hammered into us (at six in the morning!), forced to repeat ourselves in an infinite cycle from which not even suicide saves us.

Sweden: Arson Shell Trucks in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

Taken from the following link:

Machine Assisted Translation for Anarchist News by Cretin

Note: Interestingly this communique was written in Russian, although the attack took place in Sweden.

Lund, Sweden - Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners: Arson of Shell Truck Trailers

Summary of the “Chaos Gathering”


via Contra Info

The talks were given with sincerity and trust. Everyone came to participate or to listen without detracting from the nature of the activity. We would like to receive your feedback, criticisms, proposals! We are motivated and continue to think about how to discontinue the logics of inertia; how to spread affinity, chaos and anarchy. Nothing is over, everything continues!

Louise Michel, power it is indeed cursed

received via email from AL3viE

Louise Michel, power it is indeed cursed and that's why I'm an anarchist

AL3viE announces new English translation of recent book about Louise Michel.

“Louise Michel: power, it is indeed cursed and that’s why I’m an anarchist”

by Anna Maria Farabbi. Translation by Luisa Taz Harris

Presenting: Anarchist Correspondences

Theory is action!

from Anarchist Correspondences via Anarquia.Info

Contributions to the Informal and Insurrectional Anarchist tendency

Since the end of the summer of 2019, a number of anarchist internationalist comrades of the informal and insurrectionary tendency, anticipating an international initiative – postponed for reasons of force majeure – have been engaged in a correspondence around the situation and about the current conditions of the anarchic galaxy of action around the world. By tracking not only their extreme positions but also their shortcomings, multiple affinities emerged not only between the different comrades but even between the multiple tensions that exist.

Does one have to be a perfect person to be an anarchist?

from Pensar en el margen via El Libertario, English translation by Anarchist News,

What is being anarchist?

by Laura Vicente

I would like to dismantle that idea that many people repeat that you cannot be an anarchist because that implies almost perfection in terms of the way of living and being. I am in favor of denying any transcendence to the term "anarchism" since it is the work of human beings. Anarchism is creation, or rather self-creation. The idealization of the term is always denied by reality since the human being is imperfect and contradictory.

First installment of La Madeja, Anarcofeminist fanzine

via The Free

Created by the anarcho-feminist affinity group Moiras.

The objective of this publication is to serve as a tool for reflection in the field of anarcho-feminist thought with a view to its organizational impulse. To Analyze the diversity of ideas present, to generate agreements, synthesis, cohesion, join forces, following the guide of some principles from which the Moiras group has been formed. This affinity group remains as the permanent writing team in charge of adapting the content to the specific line outlined in this first installment. Text contributions will be accepted from a number yet to be determined, and artistic and literary contributions, preferably by women. The maximum diffusion to the publication is appreciated.

Anarcho-feminists at the dawn of the 20th century

from Píkara, English translation by The Free

by Araceli Pulpillo

La Revista Blanca (The White Magazine), with a fortnightly circulation and fundamentally individualist anarchist content, was born in 1898. In both its stages you could read texts by anarchist writers and workers.


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