NYC Anarchist Film Festival Seeking Contributions

Website to be updated soon with 2021 Film Festival announcement!


NYC Anarchist Film Festival: Call for Contributions Deadline: August 1. Event on September 10.

The NYC Anarchist Film Festival is seeking contributions celebrating the irrepressible spirits of solidarity and resistance amid a world in crisis. Now in its 15th year, the AFF has showcased stories of people across the globe who fight for a better future against exploitation, oppression, and terror. While we will consider all entries, this year we are especially interested in films about the pandemic and its toll, the movement for racial justice, rising authoritarianism, and historical struggles that give context to present ones

Announcing the beginning of the formation of the Anarchism Era Federation

From, Final Version

We will soon form the “Anarchism Era Federation,” and the “Anarchists Union of Afghanistan and Iran” will be merged into it

Member groups of the federation can join from across the globe, and their membership would be based on the geographical area in which they live and are active and not based on their place of birth

What the fuck is New with LBC!


Welcome to the Spring 2020 edition of What's New With Little Black Cart. For those of you who are just meeting us, Welcome! Little Black Cart is an experiment in anarchist publishing. We have published over 100 titles, some historical, some topical, some important, some scandalous, and all from our process of semi-autonomous anarchist collaboration. We print our own books (as in we have our own print shop), erratically distribute, and do what we can to make meaningful content that we share with you.

This "What's New" is unlike any we have published before as this February brought an overwhelming disruption to Little Black Cart. Death visited us leaving sadness, mourning, change, and, we hope, also renewal.

Anarchist Bookfair Amsterdam

The Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam will be organized in November 2019. This is the 3rd year in a row that we have organized this anual book fair. The first two years were so succesful that we had a taste for more. So this year you can come to the Dokhuis again for all your anarchist books, zines, stickers, posters, buttons, clothing and much more!

The specific date still has to be confirmed, but we are going to organize it at the Dokhuis in November. Keep an eye on our website and facebook for updates. As soon as we have confirmed the date we will let you know there.

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