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Laurence Labadie and Oriole Tucker

from Center for a Stateless Society by Eric Fleischmann

Laurance Labadie’s “Anarchism Applied to Economics”
Announcing: The Laurance Labadie Archival Project

While Anarchism is, in one sense, not a constructed philosophy, that is, not a “system,” anarchists stand firm “constructively” in the position above stated. What form voluntary associations which anarchists contemplate will take, remains for the future to evince. Anarchism primarily, is not an economic arrangement but a social philosophy based upon the conclusion that man is happy and independent in proportion to the freedom he experiences and can maintain.

Relitigating Decentralization

via Center for a Stateless Society

Relitigating Decentralization: Response to M Black by William Gillis

I must confess no small horror on reading M Black’s contribution to this Mutual Exchange. A self-professed anarchist, defending centralization? I would normally let such arguments fall on their face alone, but if we are to platform them in this exchange I feel a moral obligation to reiterate basic reality. My response will be divided into two parts. I will first respond to M Black’s abrogation of basic anarchism in his acceptance of centralized democracy. Then I will respond to the specific claims as to the comparable inefficiencies of markets.

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