Paul Z. Simons and El Errante on Immediatism Podcast

Paul Z. Simons and El Errante on Immediatism Podcast

These ten episodes are recordings of texts by Paul Z. Simons and El Errante, from a variety of sources including the book "A Full and Fighting Heart: Memories of and Writings by Paul Z. Simons," Modern Slavery, and No Quarter Nine. The first part of John Brown's body (episode 611) sets up both the context of the insurrection and John Brown's earlier history. The second of two episodes (612) tells the story of the famous insurrection at Harper's Ferry. Stolen Comrades (episode 613) is the history of the arrests and disappearance of five individuals (including three anarchists) in Paraguay in 1977. It was reconstructed from the files of the Archives of Terror, with the assistance of Anna Recalde Miranda and Rosa Palau, and published recently in the zine No Quarter Nine, which is only available by mail [you may contact Cory@Immediatism for how to request a copy].

Re-enchantment on Immediatism podcast

"Much like anarchists, surrealists are dissatisfied with the impoverished version of reality that governs our relationship to the world and to one another." ~Ron Sakolsky. By listener request, many of these episodes come from Fifth Estate #404 -- an issue which dealt with the theme of The Re-Enchantment of the World. Four additional episodes were then recorded dealing specifically with re-enchantment, which are from Rhyd Wildermuth (of Gods and Radicals).

Anal Terror on Immediatism podcast

not sure how I feel about this title

These episodes are a complete reading (by listener request) of the text "Anal Terror: Notes on the First Days of the Sexual Revolution" by Beatriz Preciado, contained in Baedan 3: A Journal of Queer Time Travel, available from Contagion Press or Little Black Cart. The text presents history and analysis of the first few decades of the sexual revolution.

Insurgent Strategy on Immediatism podcast

Insurgent Strategy on Immediatism podcast

These five episodes are readings of three essays on insurgent strategy, from Insurgencies: A Journal on Insurgent Strategy, by The Institute for the Study of Insurgent Warfare. The first, What is Insurgency (episode 584) sets up our understanding of insurgent situations and practices. The second, A Life of Lies (episodes 585 and 586) discusses the construction of the self out of phenomenological experience, that we can not access others and so we construct our knowledge of them, goes on to discuss how law and law enforcement pose constant threats to the individual, and then identifies and discusses five methods of threat management for the individual. In the final essay, Some Thoughts on the Limits of Surveillance (episodes 587 and 588) the popular mental construction of the panopticon is explained and lamented as deterring people from acting in ways that are possible; the collection, analysis, weaponization, and operationalization of data are explained as processes that should empower us to identify the constant gaps in surveillance and to act in insurgent ways in those gaps.

Fifth Estate by request on Immediatism podcast

Fifth Estate by request on Immediatism podcast

Here are five episodes of articles from Fifth Estate, by listener request. Immediatism intends to feature still-relevant articles from back-issues of both AJODA and Fifth Estate as regular programming from now on, right along with the books from Little Black Cart and other publishers/distros, and -- of course!-- listener requests.

Anarcho-Surrealism on Immediatism Podcast

Immediatism is pleased to feature a new book and another forthcoming. Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams: Adventures at the Crossroads of Anarchy & Surrealism, by Ron Sakolsky, published by Autonomedia and distributed by Little Black Cart, is available now. The first episode (569), below, is a reading of the Preface of this new title. The other episodes (570-577) are selections from the forthcoming anarcho-surrealist collection Merlin With a Machine Gun, edited by Steven Cline.

Postanarchist Ideas in Egoism, on Immediatism podcast

This series of podcast episodes was a project to see whether we could detect postanarchist ideas in egoist writings, specifically ideas of non-essentialism and not expecting a social revolution. The series started out as three essays requested by a listener: Saul Newman's essay on Stirner and Deleuze's anarchism, and the two by Wolfi Landstreicher. Once the postanarchist ideas in Saul Newman's thinking became clear, it became the larger game of finding the postanarchism in the egoism.

Gone to Croatan on Immediatism Podcast

Gone to Croatan on Immediatism Podcast

Seven of these nine episodes are readings from the Autonomedia books Gone to Croatan, edited by Ron Sakolsky and Jim Koehnline. One is the Fifth Estate book review of Gone to Croatan. The ninth is the essay Gone to Croatan by Hakim Bey, from the Autonomedia book T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone. If you listen to only two of the episodes, Immediatism suggests The Legend of the Great Dismal Maroons (episode 552) along with Hakim Bey's essay (episode 558), which contextualizes the Great Dismal maroons as a group among various groups of people seeking autonomy, some of whom interestingly applied to the US government for status as tribes; it was thought that if they got tribal status it would open up the legal reasoning for there to be a reservation for every group that wanted one, including anarchists.

Chicago Surrealist Group on Immediatism podcast

Chicago Surrealist Group on Immediatism podcast

In these four podcast episodes are read four anarcho-surrealist pieces. As Long As Tourists Replace Seers (1992, 2020) is an essay recounting and lamenting the 500 years of enslavement and oppression suffered by indigenous peoples, and is signed by over one hundred surrealists worldwide. The other three essays, pulled from 1970s magazines for the podcast, are on a variety of topics. Now's the Time is a description of the ways in which surrealism is anarchist, anti-statist; surrealists identify as "implacable enemies of things as they are, unrepentant seekers of a truly free society." Lighthouse of the Future likewise calls surrealists a "militant minority," and states that surrealist acts are "merely the first skirmishes in a protracted war." The Anteater's Umbrella critiques zoo ideology and is lightened up by an anecdote in which polar bears swim out of their enclosure during inclement weather, then find and eat thousands of marshmallows.

Peter Gelderloos' Anarchy Works, on Immediatism podcast

anarchy works? i hope they don't mean like getting a job because evasion!

These ten episodes of Peter Gelderloos' book, Anarchy Works (Ardent Press, are the entirety of Chapter 5, on Economy. Each section of the chapter utilizes current examples from around the world. In episode 537, How Will Cities Work?, for instance, are examples of autonomous cities in Brazil and South Africa. Episode 538, Drought, Famine, and Catastrophes? argues that anarchist groups already manage disasters better than do governments.

S.E. Parker & other Enemies, on Immediatism

For fans of Sidney Parker, Immediatism now has eight episodes of his essays. To read these and more, check out "Enemies of Society: An Anthology of Individualist and Egoist Thought," from Ardent Press and Little Black Cart, containing nearly eighty essays and biographical pieces. Highlights are episode 457, which looks at the myth of the People or Workers who will supposedly rise up in revolution, and episode 461, which makes comparisons between Marxism and fascism.

Listed below are the S. E. Parker episodes first, followed by other Enemies of Society.

Two by Jacques Camatte, on Immediatism podcast

black and red books has a new website design! check it out

Two essays by Camatte are now available on Immediatism podcast.
Camatte and his colleagues, in publishing these essays for the French language journal Invariance (Annee 6, Serie II No. 3, 1973) presented their "complete rejection of...revolutionary parties and organizations, the theory of revolutionary consciousness, [and]the theory of the progressive development of productive forces." ~Original Black & Red Introduction to The Wandering of Humanity

Ron Sakolsky, on Immediatism

Two examples of Ron Sakolsky's writing are now available in audio on Immediatism podcast. "Surrealist Desire, Anarchy & the Poetry of Revolt" details the history and contemporary reality of the relationship between surrealism, situationism, and anarchism.

Regarding Surrealist Desire, listener ae says "Thanks for reading this piece from Sakolsky's 'Creating Anarchy.' This type of historical writing is really great and helps ground things in a context for understanding 20th century art movements, politics and how they interact and supersede each other. . . ."

Three on Civilization, on Immediatism podcast

Three on Civilization, on Immediatism podcast

By request, Immediatism has three recent episodes on aspects of civilization, by Wolfi Landstreicher and Feral Faun. In Civilization and the Creative Urge (in Killing King Abacus Anthology), we are encouraged to engage in unrestrained creative activity and experimentation, for our own pleasure. "[T]he destruction of civilization, this system of social control that is smothering the planet, and the creation of our lives and interactions as so completely our own that they cannot be socialized, systematized or otherwise alienated from us will require explorations and experimentations with the possible that go far beyond anything we have yet tried." ~Wolfi Landstreicher


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