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Topic of the Week – As parts of the world are opening back up and returning to “normal”, other areas are experiencing the worst yet of the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, there have been many stories of people picking up new hobbies, quitting their jobs, and finding themselves on new adventures in dark times. This week, we’re discussing the topic of fun.

Board Game Review: Bloc by Bloc

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From C4SS by Evan Pierce

For better or worse, board games tend to be a popular form of entertainment in radical spaces, and yet there are precious few games that explicitly deal with anarchist ideas. For those exhausted by games glorifying nationalistic conquest, monopoly capitalism, and settler colonialism, Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection Game may offer a breath of refreshing (if tear-gas-scented) air. According to the introduction in the manual, Bloc by Bloc is “a semi-cooperative game simulating protest movements, riots and popular uprisings in urban areas of the world during the first decades of the 21st century.” The name refers to the black bloc, a tactic used to anonymize and thereby protect participants in these uprisings, and in the game refers to the literal wooden blocks that represent such participants.

TOTW: How Would Anarchists Organise An Inter-National Sports Event?

TOTW: How Would Anarchists Organise An Inter-National Sports Event?

I've never come across anyone identifying as an anarchist who is opposed to fun. Arguably, fun seems to be a required aspect of any anarchist-activity, for it not to simply be reproducing workerist narratives that perpetuate the mechanisms of boredom. I find boredom to be absent in spaces of anarchy.

From Chile, presenting Acracia, the card game

From El Libertario

by Jorge Enkis

Acracia is a licensed free to play role playing card game that promotes direct action, mutual aid and solidarity. This game is ideal to introduce common theories and forms of solidarity together, in an entertaining and instructive manner. It's specially great for boring and rainy afternoons!


TOTW: Play in the time of corona

fun or death!

Of the human experience, play has a great potential to tell us about ourselves and as we find each other increasingly quarantined in a world of chaos, what are you playing? Did you ever stop? How are you keeping yourself occupied in this time of societal disruption?

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