Anarchism is movement: Tomás Ibáñez (1)

  • Posted on: 1 July 2018
  • By: thecollective

From Autonomies

With this post, we begin the publication of an english language translation of Tomás Ibáñez essay, “Anarchism is movement: Anarchism, neoanarchism and postanarchism” (2014). Among our motives for undertaking the exercise, there is first the desire to share with english speakers the work of anarchist writers and militants from the spanish speaking world and, secondly, in this instance (and by no means the first time), to share the work of Tomás Ibáñez, with whom we have great affinity.

Solecast: Anarchist Movement Building with IGD

  • Posted on: 16 June 2018
  • By: thecollective

From It's Going Down

It’s Going Down was lucky enough to talk with hip-hop artist Sole on the Solecast podcast. The interview focuses on building mass self-defense, expanding land defense struggles, building autonomous resilience projects, bringing in new people, and addressing major contradictions within society that the State refuses to.

TOTW - Where did we go wrong

  • Posted on: 25 February 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

For better or for worse anarchists are lauded with the responsibility for the failure and success of the Occupy movement. We can squirm at this but there is one point that is worth reflecting on. For the past decade anarchists (and friends) have argued, when asked and involved, for a "no demands" attitude towards the MSM and agents of the state. We understand, and agree, that this is aligned with an anarchist approach to politics (ie only negative).

New and improved: the Anarchy!

  • Posted on: 15 February 2015
  • By: worker

If we – as a movement – take step back I don't think it's actually that difficult to see why so many people come to a few meetings and then never return. As I've gotten a bit older and my time is a bit more precious, I find myself getting more easily frustrated with a lot of aspects of anarchist organisations. I don't have kids, but I imagine if I did, all these things would be all the more pressing.

A Call For Anarchists To Organize Under The Banner of Libertarian Socialism

  • Posted on: 8 November 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Today the left faces the same problem that it has faced since the 1840s, which is being comprised of so many factions that there is no popular and radical force to challenge the current power structure. However we face this problem within a new context where global warming and environmental destruction get worse as everyday passes. In addition to rising temperatures and environmental destruction, society is becoming increasingly atomized, alienated, and anxious, more people are working more hours while some aren't working enough.