End of the Acrata project

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from acratabxl

The anarchist library Acrata opened its doors in 2008. At the time, a text presented it not only as a “space for meetings and discussions”, but also as an “instrument to sharpen our knowledge and to find solid bases to confront domination”. [...] Today, the library is closing its doors and it is not without a touch of nostalgia that we remember all the discussions, film presentations, exhibitions and other apéros or solidarity meals that took place there. At the moment of putting an end to the adventure that this space has been, we wanted to thank all those with whom we have been able to share these beautiful moments, as well as the sometimes more difficult moments.

Attacks Against 3 Mobile Phone Towers

you love to see it! (also, fun fact: "ácrates" is a gender-neutral way of saying "anarchists" in spanish)

from attaque, English translation via raddle.me, by cretin

Full title: Saint-Etienne, France: Coordinated Attacks Against 3 Mobile Phone Towers by A.C.R.A.T.E.S (Coordinated Associations for the Anti-Tech Revolt and Eco-Sabotage)

In the night of November 2nd to 3rd 2021, we led a coordinated attack against three cell towers around Saint-Etienne by setting them on fire. (And not one, as the media tried to make it look like!) This cut off telephone communications and momentarily interrupted the dependency that the techno-world needs to survive.

Lost Texts of Laurence Labadie on Immediatism podcast

The essay "Anarcho-Pessimism: The Lost Writings of Laurence Labadie," by Chord, has been read on Immediatism podcast over two episodes, 688 and 689. In addition to having introduced each section of the Ardent Press/Little Black Cart book "Anarcho-Pessimism: the Collected Writings of Laurence Labadie," Chord wrote this extensive introduction essay describing Labadie's upbringing, exposure to texts in his father's collection, relation with his father, abandoned attempts at college and career, and eventual interest in anarchism.

VFTTD Episode 2 is up

via Anarchy Tube


A video adaptation of the zine “Defending Our Hoods And Each Other”, an autozone commercial, and a 55 minute video that feels interesting for this series mostly because of the use of video game footage to do narrative with. A weird example of diy video strategy that opens a lot of narrative doors without having to pay for equipment.

Ringdijk 8 resquatted

from [Squat!net]

Since some days now we, the Anarcha Feminist Group Amsterdam, have been residing at Ringdijk 8. We have decided to expropriate this building because we think it is disgusting that houses are being kept empty for years while we are in a housing crisis, many people are living in precarity and homelessness has doubled in the last 10 years.

totw: Strangers

doppelganger from "Enemy" (2013)

If it's "all about who you know," what about the people you don't know? Dealing with strangers is not unique to anarchists, but the consequences of trusting someone new can hold special weight. Common practices such as security culture and the affinity group shield us from unfamiliar people in our close circles. Pair this with a distrust of technocrats and the rejection of community and all signs point toward the fact that hell is, in fact, other people. But is it that simple?

Mèo Mun, Anarchist Views from Vietnam

Mèo Mun, Anarchist Views from Vietnam

From The Final Straw Radio

Mèo Mun is an anarchist collective working to make anarchist materials and ideas more accessible to a Vietnamese audience, together with providing an analysis of social struggles from a Vietnamese anarchist lens. Over the next hour you’ll hear three collective members, Mai, Will and tùng share their critiques of leftist misrepresentations of the Vietnamese State as Socialist, lasting impacts of imperialism and war on populations of Vietnam, the centering US imaginaries of Vietnam, the struggles of working class people in general (and queer folks and sex workers in particular) in Vietnam, nationalism promoted by the government and other topics.

Tang ping

a master at work...- no, wait! - no gods, no masters, anti-work

from bugs

Here are translations of some of the posts by Luo Huazhong (the Kind traveler) about their idea of Tang ping (lying flat).

These posts came from their now deleted Baidu account, screenshots and transcriptions of which you can find in various places by using a search engine. I started with machine translation and then went through and fixed the machine’s mistakes. There are certainly some things I got wrong, and I will continue to edit this post with further corrections, but even in its messy form this is a really beautiful bit of thought!

Inside the rise of antiwork

be a business outsider

from Business Insider

Full title: Inside the rise of 'antiwork,' a worker's strike that wants to turn the labor shortage into a new American Dream

"When you go to this stage in your life where you're not working anymore, and you really don't care about some things, it's freedom. It really is freedom."

Dozens of Comrades Raided

via Round Robin

Full title: Italy: On 11/11/2021, the ROS [Carabinieri Special Operations] raided the homes of dozens of comrades all over Italy

At 4am in the morning of 11/11/2021, the ROS [Carabinieri Special Operations] raided the homes of dozens of comrades all over Italy on orders of the PM Comodi in an investigation set off by the usual Nobili and Basilone.


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