Irish Anarchist Prisoner Turns 30

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

from Derry Anarchist Black Cross

John Paul is an anarchist who continues to be active whilst being held in the notorious Maghaberry Gaol in Ireland assisting many prisoners in knowing their rights whilst incarcerated and expressing solidarity with other prisoners throughout the world. He is active writing and commenting on current situation in Ireland from an anarchist perspective as well as on other social justice cases which remain close to his heart. A talented musician and an excellent guitarist penning many songs, some of which have been aired during a number of Industrial Workers of the World online social events as an incarcerated worker.

A Call from the Dark Dungeons

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

from June11

June 11, 2021 statement from Thomas Meyer-Falk

This makes June 11 all the more important. The day gives individuals a face, a name, it brings people into the public eye. It gives strength. It sends a signal of courage and determination. The day proves that there are people who care about the fate of those who have been locked up for a long time and who want to fight for change.

Belarus Repression Update May 2021

from Anarchist Black Cross Belarus

Update on the situation with repressions in Belarus in May 2021

It’s been almost 10 months since the beginning of the protests in Belarus caused by falsified elections. A lot of our comrades have been put behind bars, many had to flee the country, public activity is hampered not only for anarchists, but for all dissident associations and groups. Below you will see a short update on the situation with the repressions in Belarus with a focus on anarchists and antifascists. We will try to release these updates at the end of each month.

Recording of “Jewish Anarchists” Panel

Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair: Recording of “Jewish Anarchists” Panel

From Outside the Circle by Cindy Milstein

Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair: Recording of “Jewish Anarchists” Panel

On Sunday, May 30, I was joined by the lovely mensch and brilliant contributors to my latest edited anthology, There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart: Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists (AK Press, with design by Crisis studio) for a workshop at the, alas, online version of the Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist (yes, feminist!) Bookfair!

Apple Hope


The other day for lunch, I was given an apple. This in itself is not interesting since Warden Williams came on, we have had apples exclusively for breakfast lunch and dinner every single day even when we plead for no more apples, the guards will lay them on our bars or push them in our cells.

A free Palestine: what does it mean?

from A-Infos

by Mazen Kamalmaz

One last word for young people who adore the race, nation, religion, etc, of their parents and grandfathers, and think that it is better than others and deserve to prevail and take control of everybody else, you have a lot of suitable alternatives to choose among but anarchism is not of them!!!


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