American Antifa

American Antifa

From Reuters

A woman's journey from Girl Scout to anarchist street warrior

In Donald Trump’s presidency, the Antifa movement achieved a mythical status, portrayed by the former president and his supporters as terrorists. One Antifa activist’s journey, from college honors student to on-the-ground combatant, offers rare insight into this far-left movement and its motivations.


Anarchic and Subversive Words from Chilean Prisons

Anarchic and Subversive Words from Chilean Prisons

From AMW English

Anarchic and Subversive Words from Chilean Prisons for the International Week for Anarchist Prisoners

War cries; true sounds of freedom!!

In this week of solidarity with the anarchist prisoners, we make an open call to war, to continue and intensify the conflict against each expression of Power and to strengthen the ties of affinity for combat between all the anti-authoritarian sectors that exist and walk common paths.

Some Reflections on Tame Words from a Wild Heart

Some Reflections on Tame Words from a Wild Heart (by Jean Weir) and the Distillation of Core Insurrectionist Concepts

From Staring Into the Abyss

Some Reflections on Tame Words from a Wild Heart (by Jean Weir) and the Distillation of Core Insurrectionist Concepts

In a lot of ways it is difficult to imagine where I, personally, or insurrectionism in the English speaking world would be without the constant contributions of Jean Weir. In running Elephant Editions, and participating in other projects to network with non-English speaking insurrectionists and translating their work, she has been largely responsible for the rise of insurrectionism and the repositioning of the anarchist project around a push for immediacy, and away from arbitrary speculation about some hypothetical future.

ToTW: Confluences and/or Oppositions...

I'm reading the new Ron Sakolsky book, Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams, on the similarities and overlaps of surrealism and anarchist thought, which is obviously a relationship he's thought about for many years. He doesn't argue that all surrealists are anarchists, or that all anarchists are surrealists, but that there is a venn diagram, and that the overlap is where the yummiest stuff is.

Definitions, Pluralism, Anarchy

CON [...] SMS

from Libertarian Labyrinth

Constructing Anarchisms: Definitions, Pluralism, Anarchy

One of the ideas driving Constructing Anarchisms has been the notion that “anarchy” and “anarchism” mark problems that it is necessary to return to again and again, that “becoming an anarchist” is an ongoing and arguably interminable project. And, while that idea may not be exactly popular in anarchist circles, it is undoubtedly connected to the widely-shared intuition that we must allow anarchist theory and practice to retain some significant degree of pluralism.

The Politics of Enmity


A Lover's Thoughts on the Militant

by Janette

The first task of any politics of enmity is to explicate the distance between itself and a politics of “pure” love. What is that distance? We could say very simply it is that of an othering, the existence of the enemy. There are both antagonisms and ruptures with enemies and in love, but love knows no enemies!


Announcing the George Floyd Uprising Reader

via It's Going Down

Announcing a collection of texts from the George Floyd rebellion across the so-called United States.

A group of anarchists and autonomists in the Bay Area/ occupied Ohlone land collected writings animated by the 2020 uprisings that ignited the so-called United States after the police murder of George Floyd.

In Memoriam, Leon F. Litwack

December 2, 1929 - August 5, 2021
Emma Goldman Papers Public History Project
August 2021 Newsletter

Leon Litwack, friend, mentor, and inspiration, died on August 5th. A prize-winning historian, he now takes his place in the pantheon of great professors, loved and respected by thousands of students for shaking them out of their complacency, opening their eyes to the legacy of racism, systemic injustice, and to the centrality of exercising the right to dissent.

Imprisoned Anarchist Dimitris Chatzivasiliadis

Imprisoned Anarchist Dimitris Chatzivasiliadis

From AMW English, Greece

I Was Caught During an Expropriation

Anarchist guerrilla Dimiris Chatzivasiliadis was imprisoned on August 9, 2021. From the latest information from people close to him: The comrade has been transferred to Korydallos to the underground wing of the women’s prison and is again in isolation.

In defence of ‘In defence of Extinction Rebellion’

What have you done to this sunflower?

From Freedom News UK

It would be prudent for me to open with the affirmation that this is an ‘opinion piece’. It is the opinion of one aging anarchist who has been active in class struggle and ecological resistance for the best part of four decades. As the bandwagon of political focus has shifted over the years, my own passions have gone in and out of fashion. One minute dancing with 40,000 comrades as we Reclaimed The Streets, the next protesting fracking with four people and a baby in a pushchair outside a branch of HSBC facing 2 x mounted police, 2 x police liaison officers, 2 x uniformed police and 2 x CID, who were sat watching from a car across the street. I have written in various guises throughout this time; defending animal and earth liberation when class struggle anarchy was in vogue, and arguing for greater class consciousness when the environment last took centre stage in the 1990s.

Paul Z. Simons and El Errante on Immediatism Podcast

Paul Z. Simons and El Errante on Immediatism Podcast

These ten episodes are recordings of texts by Paul Z. Simons and El Errante, from a variety of sources including the book "A Full and Fighting Heart: Memories of and Writings by Paul Z. Simons," Modern Slavery, and No Quarter Nine. The first part of John Brown's body (episode 611) sets up both the context of the insurrection and John Brown's earlier history. The second of two episodes (612) tells the story of the famous insurrection at Harper's Ferry. Stolen Comrades (episode 613) is the history of the arrests and disappearance of five individuals (including three anarchists) in Paraguay in 1977. It was reconstructed from the files of the Archives of Terror, with the assistance of Anna Recalde Miranda and Rosa Palau, and published recently in the zine No Quarter Nine, which is only available by mail [you may contact Cory@Immediatism for how to request a copy].


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