Anarchy and the 15-minute city

what would urban scout do?

From Gods and Radicals by JERE KUZMANIĆ

The birth of an intimate relationship with the urban space

Is there a city where the anarchist feels good? Instead of debating with some big ideas on ideal anarchist cities, utopian federations of farms, factories and workshops, I opt to turn this text into one short opinion piece about something that we may miss in striving for radical social change. Often when talking about urban space, anarchists see only problems, materializations of capitalism and injustice, walls and fences, power asymmetries, and alienation. Anarchist authors, such as Thureau, Zisly or AbdelRahim, often advocate for a return to nature, to rural or even wild idyllic communes. Almost every visualization of anarchy in the foreground will have the cultivation of vegetables in some garden surrounded by greenery. And yet, the whole history of the modern anarchist movement took place mostly on the hot city asphalt, among the chimneys of factories and among the barricades on the boulevards.

The Critique of Ideology, on Immediatism podcast

A book chapter in eight episodes, from "Break-Out from the Crystal Palace: The Anarcho-Psychological Critique: Stirner, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky," by John Carroll (1974 ed.). This book intriguingly presents one of the three major social philosophies harbored by modern Western society -- the anarcho-psychological; the other two are the liberal-utilitarian-rationalist and the Marxist-socialist. Focused largely on Stirner's innovative ideas, this chapter includes Marx's critique of Stirner and concludes with a section on Nietzsche.

Margins and Problems: Reflections on “Constructing an Anarchism”

Reflections on “Constructing an Anarchism”

The first phase of “Constructing Anarchisms” was an experiment—and, I think, a relatively successful one. But it was also a fairly complex experiment, for which there were not perhaps many precedents, so, despite the fact that it often felt like the commentary on method was overwhelming the project itself, it is probably worth reviewing and reflecting a bit here, so we can begin again with a clearer shared sense of the project moving forward.

Two Weeks Since My Second Dose…

from Sean Swain

I got my second covid-19 vaccine shot two weeks ago. Moderna.

After the first shot, I felt a little lethargic and slept it off for a day. After the second one, just had a sore arm for a while. The needle was about 18 feet long, I think. When the nurse stuck me, the tip of the needle came out of my armpit. But aside from getting impaled, I didn’t have any problems.

Servers for North Shore Counter-Info and Montreal Counter-Info Seized by Dutch Police -- Both Sites Down


We have learned that Dutch police have seized the servers of the NoState tech collective, which hosts North Shore Counter-Info as well as Montreal Counter-Info and several other anarchist sites. We know it is in the context of a criminal investigation but not much else.

For and Against Primitivism, on Immediatism podcast

Ted Kaczynski's thorough critique of anarchoprimitivism takes center stage here, in "The Truth About Primitive Life: A Critique of Anarchoprimitivism." The article is well-supported by three pages of Works Cited and fully 313 endnotes (available on In favor of anarchoprimitivism is "Civilization Will Stunt Your Growth: Defending Primitivism from Accusations of Ableism," by Ian Erik Smith (available from Warzone has additional essays on this topic for download.

Cracks in the Steel City: Anarchist News from Pittsburgh || J.1 – M.22

Cracks in the Steel City: Anarchist News from Pittsburgh || J.1 – M.22

From fillerpgh

Cracks in the Steel City is a filler column that recaps local news that anarchists in Pittsburgh may find interesting, with a particular focus on autonomous, illegalist, and insurrectionist activity. We also include information about fascist activity, state repression, and capitalist maneuvering.

An answer to the text "On the Anarchist Response to the Global Pandemic".

An answer to the text "On the Anarchist Response to the Global Pandemic".

An answer to the text "On the Anarchist Response to the Global Pandemic", first published on MTL counter info. ( )
We tried to focus more on the rhetoric used as well as the "sources" they are basing their argumentation on rather than doing the critic of the ideology itself ( you can find another one made by some anarchists from Wales and England here : .

Text translated from French ( )

Freedom of Movement

chinga la migra

via Philly Anti-Capitalist


Seeing the crowded conditions in the concentration camps in Texas reminds me of Inauguration Day two months ago. That night we rose like lions striking at slumbering poachers. We found a Customs and Border Protection SUV and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement SUV in a parking garage in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. They were redecorated with paint, flattened tires, and shattered windows. Wouldn’t you know it? That advice that an awl can more quietly deflate a tire when pushed through its sidewall was right. And in a pinch, the awl can also be used to break the same vehicle’s glass. This tool can be found at most any hardware store.

Anarchist Health & Wellness on Immediatism podcast

Anti-psychiatry is the topic of three of these seven episodes: "Fucked Off, Not Fucked Up," "It's Time for 'Mad Anarchism,'" and "Descending Into Madness: An Anarchist-Nihilist Diary of Anti-Psychiatry." We learn ways to anticipate and recognize trauma and to build resiliency into our affinity groups, in "Mutual Aid, Trauma, & Resiliency," based on the experiences of the Jane Addams Collective in New York City.


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