A View on the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

From The Final Straw

In the past few weeks since the uprising in response to police killings of Black and Brown folks around Turtle Island, amazing chances have presented themselves and folks have seized opportunities. One great and unfolding circumstance is known as the CHAZ or CHOP, an autonomous zone and occupational protest surrounding a police precinct in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Recent publications and new editions from Zabalaza Books

From Zabalaza

Over the past 18 months Zabalaza Books has published over two dozen new publications or new editions of previous publications, all of which can be read online or downloaded in PDF format from the Zabalaza Books website.

Read the full list of titles and overviews of their contents, with links to the full texts, below.

Anarchy Radio 06-16-2020

Anarchy Radio 06-16-2020

From Anarchy Radio

Seattle's Capitol Hill autonomous Zone in Seattle and other advances - as killings go on. Profile of pig violence in LA. "Worries That the U.S. Is Facing Problems an Election Can't Fix" (NYT, 6/13).By a broken window in Memphis : "Artist Unknown. Civilization Unrest 2020." "Life as Civ Begins toCrumble" by JZ. Robot waiter in the Netherlands. "Reality Check: Artificial Intelligence and its Limits"(The Economist, 6/13). Action briefs.

A Statement from the Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross

A Statement from the Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross

A Statement from the Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross, June 16, 2020

The Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross (CABC) is a collective dedicated to revolutionary anarchist struggle. Our primary focus is direct material aid to prisoners captured in the social war. We are absolutely opposed to capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and the police/surveillance state.

Update on Imprisoned Anarchist Comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

Update on Imprisoned Anarchist Comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva

From Anarchists Worldwide, Spain

15.06.2020: Last Thursday, June 11, the Provincial Court, the court at the base of the judicial pyramid in Spain, demonstrated its inquisitorial power by rejecting the request for annulment of the OEDE (European Arrest Warrant) that sent our comrade back to the dungeons of the State after three and a half years of freedom.

Those Who Do Not Die Find Themselves

Those Who Do Not Die Find Themselves – Thoughts on Repressive Operation ‘Ritrovo’

From Anarchists Worldwide, Italy

– Thoughts on Repressive Operation ‘Ritrovo’

Around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, the Ros of Bologna, Florence and Fidenza together with 200 Carabinieri burst into the lives of 12 anarchists. The GIP [Judge for the Preliminary Investigations]  Panza, at the request of the prosecuting magistrate Dambruoso, has for seven the arrest and for five the obligation to stay with night return (for four of these also the daily signature). A script which we know well and which, thanks to the declarations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which reveal the “preventive” nature of the arrests, makes the message launched even more explicit to anyone: let it be clear to those who hope that the crisis will open the possibility of giving a shake to the present social relations that the State does not change. The accusations are association with the purpose of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order, with the aim of inciting criminals to commit crimes, the carrying out of some damage and a fire.

The Return Fire Movement: Self-preservation is a human right

From San Francisco Bay View via AMW

After a few weeks of rebellions in dozens of cities nationwide in response to the police murders of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Black people, in the Bay Area and beyond, have begun to plan to live in a post-COVID-19 society and a post-2020 rebellion society, which basically translates into us realizing en masse that we have nobody to depend on but ourselves for protection, safety and everything else. This is not a new concept for some, but it is very new for others.

Machinery of charity or revolutionary solidarity?

From Act for Freedom Now!

Mutual aid support networks, neighborhood networks, volunteers (or wage earners), food banks, the entire vast apparatus that emerged in a few weeks to contain the disastrous economic and social consequences that the pandemic has caused, have captured the attention of many, be it due to altruism, or due to pure and simple necessity. And it is normal, given that as in any crisis that the capitalist system goes through, the most serious consequences are suffered to a greater extent by those who prior to the crisis were already fucked, that is, the poor, in Madrid or in Sevastopol. Capitalists follow a simple logic: socialize losses, when they exist, and hoard profits, always. It is a logic that goes across a society divided between exploited and exploiters, between governed and governors.


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