Arson in Solidarity w/ Palestinian Resistance

"Note: photo is not related to action" Is anything real?!!

via AMW

Last week, in an act of revolutionary solidarity with autonomous Palestinian resistance, we started a fire at the Pratt & Whitney engine facility in Orange County, CA, completely destroying a fleet van and damaging the exterior of the building.Pratt & Whitney is a division of Raytheon Technologies, the fourth largest arms dealer in the world and they have deep ties to the Israeli defense industry.

Anarchist Social Centre in London

from Freedom News

‘Movement building, community building’: the anarchist social centre in London

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Elephant & Castle lies 56A Infoshop. Volunteer-run and 100% unfunded, it is a radical social centre, bookstore and archive. The concept behind the infoshop is to create a space for alternative cultural, social and political activities.

Beyond Philosophical Anarchism

from Libertarian Labyrinth

Margins and Problems: Beyond Philosophical Anarchism

I understand that the project of synthesis cannot help but be, at this stage, an outrageously partisan enterprise—and embrace that aspect of the project—but generally try to steer clear of the most divisive sort of rhetoric.


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