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The entire book, All Things Are Nothing to Me: The Unique Philosophy of Max Stirner, by Jacob Blumenfeld, is read across these fifteen episodes from Immediatism podcast. Start with either the Introduction or Reading Max Stirner. The episodes are labeled so as to serve as a topical resource. Each is 30 or fewer minutes long and starts with a brief intro recapping the previous episode. For a shorter sample of Jacob Blumenfeld's analysis, enjoy just the final two episodes, which stand on their own as one essay on Stirner, Marx, and Communism.

Anarchists Firebomb Police Station


via thewannabewonk.substack

Full title: Greek Anarchists Claim Firebombing of Police Station in Zografou, Athens

A unit of the anarchist urban guerrilla network, Direct Action Cells (DAC), operating under the name “Fiery Anti-State-Violence—Sector ‘Nikos Sampanis,’” has claimed the October 27 firebombing of a Hellenic Police station in the Zografou borough of Athens, Greece. Improvised incendiary devices fashioned from butane cannisters were detonated on the exterior of the police station. The communique claims that police retreated into the station as the devices were either placed or hurled at the building

27-F compas free on bail

via attaque, English translation by Act for freedom now!

The six anarchist comrades who stayed the last 8 month in preventive prison near Barcelona were liberated under obligation to pay 40.000€ bail each one! Accused of criminal association, and to act coordinated with violent actions i.e. burning a police-van at the Rambla during the 10-days-disturbs last February in Barcelona for the liberation of the political rapper Pablo Hazel.

How It Started/How It's Going

Anarchistic Media & Pop Culture and Why We Should Make Our Own Media (A Brief Presentation & Participatory Discussion)

Where: Bound Together Books (1369 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA)
When: Friday November 12, 2021 (7 pm - 8:30 pm ish)
Why: ? Not sure, bored ?

The Aging Anarchist's Cookbook

metal horns!

From The New Yorker
by Reuven Perlman

Welcome to the newest edition of “The Anarchist Cookbook.” To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of this seminal and controversial guide, we’ve updated its contents for a maturing readership of former and aging anarchists. If you were a bit of a punk in your youth but now are the same age as your parents were when they bought their second house, this edition is for you.

BASTARD Conference 2021 this Saturday!

A final reminder that the 2021 BASTARD Conference will take place this Saturday, November 13th from 12-8pm at The Long Haul Infoshop (3124 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley). We have a day full of exciting, incendiary conversations about anarchy planned, presented by participants in the Berkeley Anarchist Study Group alongside some friends from out of town.


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Editorial: TOTW: New Laws in the New Normal (11/5/21)

by Anonymous

We may be past the worst, or not. The economic and climate crisis are still playing out. It remains to be seen whether and (if so) how capitalism will recompose for a new wave. If there’s an upturn then there may well be some social liberalisation or attempts to imitate aspects of anarchism in a tamed form. (I say this because of the similar process with liberalism in the nineteenth century and socialism in the twentieth). Archaic and pointless laws (e.g. against drugs and sex work) might be repealed. If there isn’t an upturn then the state might survive but with reduced resources, or it might collapse. In either case the gap between what’s legal and what’s possible will grow.


The Legacy of Peter Kropotkin

via Autonomies

These words are part of Peter Kropotkin’s heritage. But he himself went through a sad episode: he became intoxicated by the nationalism of French and English culture, supposedly progressive and favourable to the next revolution in the Latin and Slavic countries, which weakened his analytical capacity.With incredible courage, in very fragile health, after forty years in exile, Kropotkin decided to return to Russia, already liberated from Tsarism in 1917, to end his life there. It was then that Lenin wanted to meet and manipulate Kropotkin. Or was it his attempt to do the opposite? We will see this strange situation on another occasion.

TOTW: Seasons of Anarchy

With the always on, always working, always lit up landscape of the city, capital and the forces of 24/7 life attempt to destroy any concept of seasonality urban dwellers might still cling to. Yet each year there are still shifts in temperature, apparel, the swapping out of your covid mask for your super-fire mask, etc.

The Russian Political Landscape and Anarchist Prisoners

The Russian Political Landscape and Anarchist Prisoners

This week we’re featuring 2 guests speaking about Russia. First up, John spoke with author and journalist Dmitry Okrest about the state of anarchist and antifascist movements in Russia, the politics of Putin’s United Russia party, nazis and the far right in Russia and successes of the Communist Party in electoral politics. Then, Moscow Anarchist Black Cross member-in-exile, Antii Rautiainen, adds some more detail on repression in Russia, including the hunger strike of Network Case prisoner, Victor Filinkov, calls for solidarity from mathematician Azat Miftakhov and others.

Arson Attack Against Private Security Company


via, translated by cretin

Full title: Milan, Italy: Arson Attack Against Private Security Company SKP

Anti-piracy service, escort to VIPs, installation of surveillance devices, consultancy activities on security matters, etc.

For all these reasons, a couple of SKP vehicles were set on fire in the night between 27 and 28 October.


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