Acéphale (1936-1939)

Acéphale (1936-1939)

From Contagion Press

In 1936, at the height of the anti-fascist struggle, French Surrealist Georges Bataille and his closest friends took leave of the revolutionary milieu to form a fanatically religious secret society under the symbol of the acéphale – a headless figure clutching a fiery heart and a sacrificial knife. Their conspiracy was to achieve headlessness at every level: the headless society, the human being freed from reason, the defeat of the three-headed monster of Fascism-Christianity-Socialism, the ecstatic rupture of the Dionsyian frenzy, and the literal beheading of Bataille himself. This is their journal, fully (re)translated and compiled in English for the first time.

In the Spirit of Total Resistance

In the Spirit of Total Resistance

From The Industrial Worker by Fellow Worker x409009 updated on May 20, 2021

The Life and Writings of Arthur J. Miller

Arthur J. Miller, a Wobbly of wide renown, passed away from natural causes at his home in Tacoma, Washington on May 4th, 2021. Arthur spent much of his working life pipefitting in shipyards of the United States’ west, east, and gulf coasts. He had also a fine flair for the written word, producing many accounts from his life as a Wobbly and class-conscious worker, as well as reflections, analyses, and stories about the ongoing struggles of the working class. These he published in the Industrial Worker; in his own anarchist journal, the Bayou La Rose, of which he was co-editor for over forty years beginning in 1978; and in various anarchist periodicals across four continents.

Noise, Flags, and Fists

Noise, Flags, and Fists

Reflections on a Weekend in Downtown Montréal

Since May 6 of this year, apparently first with respect to the Sheikh Jarrah property dispute, there has been an intercommunal conflict between neighbours in ethnically mixed urban parts of occupied Palestine, from Jerusalem to Jaffa and beyond. Consequently, there has been an uneven exchange of bombs and rockets between the Israeli state and Hamas, the latter being the state authority in the small territory of Gaza. Where things will go in Palestine, I cannot say. I don't pretend to have more than a Wikipedia-level understanding of the situation. I do not speak the relevant languages and am not trying to follow the news too closely anyway.

Giannis Mihailidis on Trial

Heartwarming solidarity actions for an anarchist prisoner today!

from Athens Indymedia

I have the obligation to fight the cops’ allegations in the court, to fight the plans of the state that aim for the extension of the captivity of the two comrades, as well as the defamation of our relationships. Because by giving us specific hierarchical roles in a ‘criminal organization’, the charge is not only false but affronts in total our choices, our positions, and above all the relationships of solidarity and equality that we try to promote.

Issue No.32, Power

from The Institute for Anarchist Studies

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory is a journal published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies. The journal includes recent essays by IAS-supported writers and translators, features with anarchist views on contemporary issues, book reviews, updates, and more. In issue No. 32 the Perspectives collective collaborates with Kai Lumumba Barrow who provides art from Gallery of the Streets in the new 208 page “Power” issue.

Campaign for Gabriel Pombo da Silva's Freedom

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

via The Free Online

Gabriel Pombo remains kidnapped in prison after serving 33 years, even though his sentence expired for more than 6 years ago, according to the rules of a fallacious and criminal “rule of law”. After 3 and a half years of freedom, he has been illegally detained again and since the end of last June, Gabriel has been imprisoned in the Mansilla de la Mulas prison (León).

Operation Scintilla Trial Began

Write an anarchist prisoner today!


Italy: The trial for ”operation Scintilla” began in Turin on Tuesday 4th May

The first of the preliminary hearings – the usual bureaucratic ritual of formalities – was a chance to see Carla, currently under house arrest with all restrictions, and Natascia, unexpectedly transferred from the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

Enemies Of The Logic Of Totalitarianism

from Eco Revolt

I generally describe my anarchist-philosophy as ontological and one of my reasons for this is due to my lack of belief in authority, with my basic position being that all-is-(actually-)anarchy – the attempt at assuming authority I encounter as an admission of being-powerless. As I do not encounter authority as any-Thing with any meaningful existence, my rebellion is directed towards non-conformity towards totalitarianism (and I consider Daniel Quinn’s definition of civilisation as totalitarian-agriculture to be, basically, right)

No Whistling In The Atlanta Forest: A Communique

four construction vehicles with broken windows, one of them is nothing but charred remains, and next to it is another charred vehicle

This is a story about a couple of queers who gathered last night to reject destruction in the name of profit and power and to destroy the machinery of the nefarious polities that have defiled the Atlanta Forest. We have deep respect and regard for acknowledging that this is Muskogee land and was the site of horrific abuses, of displacement, chattel slavery, and prison slavery.

Mending a Broken World

more like forest garden coffee with friends

From Coffee with Comrades

Milstein Chat on Coffee with Comrades Podcast

My friend and marvelous podcaster Pearson kindly invited me to join in “coffee” and conversation on the warm, wise, and ever-engaging @coffeewithcomrades, and the result is episode 132: Mending a Broken World. We recorded it just as #SaveJarrahSheikh and now #GazaUnderAttack were heating up, as the Israeli state and its allies sacrilegiously targeted the ancient holy place of Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, and went on to raise the destruction and murder toll over Nakba Day and now beyond.


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