Love and Rage in the Rainforest

Love and Rage in the Rainforest

August 18th, 2021

Unceded Pacheedaht Territory

So-called “Vancouver Island”, so-called “British Columbia”, so-called “Canada”

A year of continuous blockades against logging, on the invitation of hereditary chief Victor Peter and elder Bill Jones. Three months of police invasion (aka “injunction enforcement” for logging company Teal Jones). 650+ arrests and counting. Thousands of participants, visitors, supporters… numerous solidarity actions near and far, and logging blockades underway in various other locations across this colonial province: british. columbia.

Agoric Cafe! Ep. 33

Don't judge a book by its cover. But also, reading is for nerds.

from Agoric Cafe!

Ep. 33: San Diego Bookstores, Part 5: GROUNDWORK BOOKS

Continuing the San Diego bookstores series, Roderick Long chats with Jack Ran of the Groundwork Book Collective, a radical left-wing bookstore on the campus of UCSD. Topics include running a bookstore as an egalitarian collective; participating in wildcat strikes; surviving arson attacks; the dynamics of anarchist/Marxist cooperation; conflicts with the university administration; what campus leftists owe to Donald Trump; and the joys of reading Proudhon, Kevin Carson, and Shawn Wilbur.

Looking Critically at the Brooklyn Center Riot

from Anathema

An Interview from Anathema

Were there anarchists in the riot? Out of any political tendency, the anarchists went the hardest, but they were still a small minority. And they weren’t relevant “as anarchists.” The starting point should be what the people in the street that are fucking shit up want to do. It hasn’t been anarchist politics that has pushed people to be confrontational with the State.

Re-enchantment on Immediatism podcast

"Much like anarchists, surrealists are dissatisfied with the impoverished version of reality that governs our relationship to the world and to one another." ~Ron Sakolsky. By listener request, many of these episodes come from Fifth Estate #404 -- an issue which dealt with the theme of The Re-Enchantment of the World. Four additional episodes were then recorded dealing specifically with re-enchantment, which are from Rhyd Wildermuth (of Gods and Radicals).

Enric (Henri) Melich Gutiérrez (1925-2021)

Enric (Henri) Melich Gutiérrez passed away during the night of 7 July 2021. Born in Esplugues de Llobregat (Lower Llobregat) on 5 November 1925, anarchist, cross-border smuggler, anti-Francoist resister and distributor of libertarian publications Enric Melich Gutiérrez was the son of the anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist activist Enric Melich Rodes and he spent his childhood in the La Torrassa quarter in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) and the civil war years in Pi de Llobregat, the new name for Sant Joan Despi (Lower Llobregat).

TOTW: Anarchist Anti-Vaxxers

I'm not like other anti-vaxxers

Where this concentration of control will go is uncertain, there are certainly not-totally-coocoo-crazy visions of vaccine passports and unvaccinated fines but, these systems move slowly and in another year perhaps the seemingly unstoppable nature of Covid will have eroded enough vaccine-trust that this won’t be an issue.

Some, however, are not waiting for that erosion of trust to happen on its own.

Do not capitalize on the fate of the Afghan people with dirty policies!

People who supported NATO forces by paying taxes. People who voted in elections to support the policies of political parties in their countries regarding Afghanistan; If they do not act today, if today they do not oppose the backing of the people of Afghanistan with their country’s military, tomorrow, in the eyes of history and our people, as much as all the perpetrators of the current war in Afghanistan, they are to blame.

A Response to “Seven Theses on the Three-Way Fight”

not the fun kind of threeway

from It's Going Down

A united front of the “major leftist ideological currents – socialism, anarchism or communism ” is proposed, but there are no details. And the truth is that a united front of this sort would include Stalinists, DSA types, various Leninists/vanguardists and some anarchists and would be a mess. There would be no agreement on revolutionary horizon because the DSA types oppose revolution, the Stalinists/Leninists want an authoritarian state and anarchists want to destroy the state.

The Devil Has Company


The Transmetropolitan Review by Barabule Cuterescu

An Anarchist's Tale

I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time. I put it off because I’ve generally got better things to do than write in English for the dogshit Americans who still think they rule the world. But since some of them are my friends, and I love them very much, I will proceed to tell you the true story of how two anarchist degenerates made the US Empire swallow its own tail.


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