Who The Hell Is Jack London?

call of the wild, awooo

From The Transmetropolitan Review

Who the hell is Jack London? That’s a complicated question. If you superficially glance through the Google Search results for Jack London, it’s easy enough to find out that he was a socialist. If you dig a little bit deeper, you’ll see he also wrote horribly racist things about indigenous, Greek, Mexican, and Asian people. If you dig even deeper, you’ll see that Jack London was an especially virulent anti-Asian racist. So why did Alexander Berkman personally ask Jack London to write the introduction to his Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist? Like I said, it’s complicated.

Night Forest Journal Issue 3

is this what anarchist poetry looks like in 2k21?

Originally published here - https://nightforestpoetry.wordpress.com/2021/04/24/night-forest-journal-...

The world has been a strange place since the release of the second issue of our journal. This strange quality has permeated near all aspects of civilisation, in more ways than we could articulate here. In a very long book, the philosopher Schopenhauer described poetry as being greater than history, as history can only account for a generalised description of the world (re-presented at a distance), while poetry articulates the experience of living in a moment, as the experiencer seeks to express ir. So, while these words are not a generalised totalising narrative of the experience of being in the world, they are expressions that these individuals wished to articulate, of their experience of this strange world.

TOTW: Conflicto-bolo

In the non-utopic utopia of bolo’bolo, no ibu (person more or less) can be expelled from a bolo (an autonomous, autarkic collection of 300-500 ibu). Within that imagined world of interdependence, where the 300-500 people in your immediate vicinity rely on you and you them for daily survival, there is of course disagreement, hurt feelings, violence and conflict.

Greetings from an Anarchist Jurisdiction


From Dog Section Press by Kim Kelly

When the hot revolution summer of 2020 broke, it had already been a couple of years since the media finally wore itself out trying to understand the extremely simple concept of antifascism (or ANTIFA in boneheaded parlance) while government officials serenely continued their program of surveillance, harassment, and persecution of radical activists (as well as countless Black and Brown people) unabated. “ANITFA” still came up as a talking point any time a Republican was upset about literally anything, but by and large, the news cycle had moved onto greener pastures. The elite media and ruling class were focused on tearing down the few vaguely progressive members of Congress, demonising the Black Lives Matter movement, and cosying up to the killer cops that gently patrolled their own gated communities – in other words, business as usual. So, it is still difficult to put into words the feeling of waking up to the news one day that the President of the so-called United States of America was angrily ranting about … anarchists.

FTP Studies Podcast, Episode 1

Spotify anarchism

From Cindy Milstein blog

Thanks to the good, rebellious, bighearted anarcho-feminists at Casa C.O.A.T.L., an autonomous community space in Occupied Tongvaland, Boyle Heights, CA, I joined Mariella Mendoza and Mx J Nyla Mcneill—and Casa C.O.A.T.L. members—for this delightful informal chat about our love for autonomy, antiauthoritarianism, and anarchism. We also have no love for cops, patriarchs, and other authoritarians. You can listen at this link:

Recording of “Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists” Book Event

Recording of “Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists” Book Event

From Cindy Milstein blog

Firestorm Books: Recording of “Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists” Book Event

To celebrate the release of a new collection of contemporary essays, art, and poetry by Jewish anarchists, Firestorm Books kindly hosted a conversation on April 15, 2021 (or 5781 if you’re counting in Jewish calendar years) between community members and contributors to my latest edited anthology, There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart: Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists. For those who missed it and still want to take a listen, here’s the recording, courtesy of Firestorm, followed by the description of the event:

Ron Sakolsky, on Immediatism

Two examples of Ron Sakolsky's writing are now available in audio on Immediatism podcast. "Surrealist Desire, Anarchy & the Poetry of Revolt" details the history and contemporary reality of the relationship between surrealism, situationism, and anarchism.

Regarding Surrealist Desire, listener ae says "Thanks for reading this piece from Sakolsky's 'Creating Anarchy.' This type of historical writing is really great and helps ground things in a context for understanding 20th century art movements, politics and how they interact and supersede each other. . . ."

Solidarity: Aotearoa WSM Newsletter #23 April 2021


Aotearoa/New Zealand. The April 2021 issue of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement Newsletter is out now.

– includes: An anarchist viewpoint on Climate Change marches,RotoruaClimate Strike Report, International Anarchist Statement on the ParisCommune, Anzac Day Statement, May Day Statement, Movie & Book Reviews

Available for download here:

Car Arson in Solidarity w/ Anarchist Prisoners

from Athens Indymedia via AMW

State Vehicle and Security Car Set on Fire in Komotini, Greece in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Chile

Komotini: For the continuation of the incendiary tradition.

From anarchic conspiracy for the diffusion of rebellion “Sebastian Oversluij Seguel”

R.I.P. Matt Cicero: Anarchist Militant, Journalist, Organizer

from Enough 14

Ottawa. Canada. On March 16, 2021, our comrade Matt departed for the spirit world. We have lost one of the most committed anarchists in our part of the world, and the loss is felt intensely due to the tragic circumstances of his death.

Originally published by Montreal Counter Information and Upping the Anti Facebook page (facebook.com/permalink.php?id=171811939515993&story_fbid=4056151467748668)


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