Ecology Issues on Immediatism Podcast

Readings of three texts on issues in ecology are now available at Rea Montana's book "EcoPatriarchy: The Origins & Nature of Hunting" is discussed and the full introduction is read in episodes 665-666. "How Deep is Deep Ecology" by George Bradford critiques the ideas and stances of thinkers in deep ecology, and especially analyzes Malthusianism and its effects on deep ecology in episodes 667-670. A second essay by Bradford, "Woman's Freedom: Key to the Population Question" is a book review of Betsy Hartman's "Rights & Wrongs: The Global Politics of Population Control and Contraceptive Choice," and looks hard at global Malthusian ideologies that affect population control policies and access to contraception in episodes 671, 672. These were all requests and you may send feedback and requests to

Introducing ‘Distroism Now!,’ a New Monthly Podcast

Introducing ‘Distroism Now!,’ a New Monthly Podcast

From It's Going Down

Distroism Now! is a new monthly podcast on It’s Going Down. Each episode is hosted by a different distro, and the style, length and content of each episode is whatever the hosts want it to be. At the end of each episode, the host nominates a new distro to do the next episode.

Secolo Nuovo: A Film and Review

from The Transmetropolitan Review

We are pleased to belatedly announce the publication of Secolo Nuovo; or, The Times of Promise, published by Detritus Books out of Olympia, Washington. This work of anarchist fiction and history took over a decade to complete and was shaped by many hands, including our own. We wish to congratulate the researchers, archivists, historians, publishers, and thankless scribes who made this book a reality.

TOTW: New laws in the new normal

the judge

While the enforcement of laws is largely unremarkable to the irreverent anarchist, it can be beneficial to reflect on how we are arranged in this new legal landscape to anticipate and outmaneuver new attempts to restrict everyday life. Past examples of shifting legal landscapes include the popularization of surveillance cameras over the past 50 years and heightened security practices we still rely on as a result of the Green Scare. How will our current legal context in the new normal influence how anarchists arrange themselves illegally in the future?

2 articles about Laurance Labadie

Laurence Labadie and Oriole Tucker

from Center for a Stateless Society by Eric Fleischmann

Laurance Labadie’s “Anarchism Applied to Economics”
Announcing: The Laurance Labadie Archival Project

While Anarchism is, in one sense, not a constructed philosophy, that is, not a “system,” anarchists stand firm “constructively” in the position above stated. What form voluntary associations which anarchists contemplate will take, remains for the future to evince. Anarchism primarily, is not an economic arrangement but a social philosophy based upon the conclusion that man is happy and independent in proportion to the freedom he experiences and can maintain.

An Anarchist Illustrator Looks to Radical Histories to Fight Fascism

An Anarchist Illustrator Looks to Radical Histories to Fight Fascism

From hyperallergic

Anarchist illustrator N.O. Bonzo produces decentralized media in a highly bureaucratic cultural landscape. Their illustrations, murals, and literature emerge in unexpected places, from the streets of Portland, Oregon, to the far ends of Reddit and Twitter, addressing relations of labor and identity in the workplace and on the streets.


We Have the Matches

via It's Going Down

On the resurgence of housing struggle in the Netherlands

Our latest contribution comes from an anarchist in the Netherlands, and details the positions and possibilities of an exciting resurgence of housing struggle there after a decade of relative quiet. For those interested in the history of squatting in the Netherlands, we recommend this brief section (starting page 111) from The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life by Georgy Katsiaficas, published by AK Press.

3 arson attacks on aristocratic cars

via Act for freedom now!

Original Title: Athens, Greece: 3 arson attacks on aristocratic cars in Pefki area for the dead by cops in Perama

The answer to every state assassination and state repression should be fire. As an initial reaction we chose to reflexively attack the peaceful aristocrats of the northern suburbs because the repression is class and so are state assassinations.


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