Brazil: Only Revolt Can Bring Down Bolsonaro

Revoltists of the world, unite!

from CrimethInc.

In the following report, Brazilian anarchists frame the government’s genocidal approach to COVID-19 in the context of a legacy of military rule, explore the latest wave of combative protests, and show how the institutional left functions as the first line of defense to preserve the existing order. They make the case that the conditions they face can only be fundamentally changed by means of autonomous organization and revolt.

"Checkmate Anarchists"

Anarchy: when you gesture about how things might be differently, if they were exactly the same

from Center for a Stateless Society

“Checkmate Anarchists: Humans Will Always Create Structures and Laws” by Alex Aragona

Of course, how exactly different social structures, hierarchies, rules, codes of conduct, and so on would look is not something the anarchist can (or should) attempt to flesh out in detail — though they can think on tendencies or currents. The point is that it is crucial to understand that an anarchist society is one that will tend to some form of organized decision-making, will lead to the creation of certain institutions, and will lead to some form of establishment and adherence to sets of rules and laws.


Statement for the Week of Solidarity

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

from Solidarity International

Statement for the Week of Solidarity by Thomas Meyer-Falk

To argue and fight for a society free of domination can lead to people being thrown into the dungeons of the respective regimes. There, the bodies are to be locked up in the tightest of spaces and the resistant spirit put in chains, forged against the bare concrete walls.

Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis Arrested

via AMW

Anarchist Comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis Arrested in Greece

On August 9, 2021, the arrest took place in Thessaloniki. We must not leave it like this. There must be information through his own people (close comrades, friends, lawyers) so that we do not leave him alone in the hands of the State, without knowing his movements.

The trial of the Kansk anarchists

from a2day via raddle post by cretin

Russia: The trial of the three 15 year-old anarchists continues in Kansk

Consideration of the case of the Kansk anarchists continues on a daily basis. The case is being considered by the visiting board of the 1st Eastern District Military Court in the premises of the Kansk City Court.

“No, It Is the Children Who Are Wrong”

from It's Going Down

A Response to David Rovics

In short, as long as Rovics continues to platform and defend white nationalists, holocaust deniers, and anti-Semities – while also attacking contemporary anarchists and antifascists – then at the very least, people will continue to voice their concerns and disagreements to the wider movement.

A moss-like anarchist manifesto

what would moss man do?

From autonomies

A legend tells us that Christian soldiers took the city of Béjar in spain from its Muslim-Arab inhabitants in the 12th century by disguising themselves with coverings of moss, enabling them thereby to enter the city gates by surprise.[1]

Our task is more modest, sharing only transgressive affinities with the legend.[2] Though we are sceptical of manifestos, they can nevertheless serve to distil images and thoughts. These of course can only be the consequence of momentary inspirations.

What follows finds its animus in an essay by bryologist Robin Wall Kimmerer, entitled Gathering Moss, passages of which we also share below.[3] From moss then we gather a few ideas on what a contemporary anarchist politics might be.


Greening Anarchism

pupperz = anti-civ zoomies camp

From Cindy Milstein WordPress by Cindy Milstein

My dear friend and mensch #MurrayBookchin would turn over in his grave if he heard me say this, but between, in particular, this summer’s capitalist-fueled fires, floods, droughts, heat waves, tornadoes, and other “new normal” extreme and deadly weather catastrophes, and today’s “late to the end-of-the-world party” UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, we need a renewed #GreenAnarchism.

Combating Movement Misogyny

from The Final Straw Radio

This week on the show, William and Scott are presenting an interview with Alice and Dolly, who are two people working toward Disability Justice and Mad Activism (among other things), about the prevalence of movement misogyny in antifascist currents, world building as antifascist and as community defense, ways to rethink harmful patterns in movements, and some things we can do to make each other safer.

Organizing & Fighting Without Dying

from Mental Hellth

Most people who have spent enough time organizing know it can be a thankless job. The planet is on fire; millions of people don’t have their basic needs met, and are experiencing housing and food insecurity; a global pandemic has killed more than 4 million people worldwide; and fascism is on the rise. Everywhere, people are navigating how to survive each day. Basically, the world is pretty bad right now, and activists are fighting tooth and nail to change that.

A Conversation with John Zerzan


A Conversation with John Zerzan on Direct Action, School Shootings, Authenticity, Veganism & More

I reached out to Zerzan by email with 4 long questions to help prepare for a different conversation with an anti-industrialist, plus the suggestion that I could post our Q&A text interview around a few places to help clarify his political theory and promote my critique of primitivism. But he offered to voice chat instead, which was a pleasant surprise.

So I'll post the video and transcribe our conversation here. I edited the text slightly for clarity’s sake, just to remove filler words and put anything I forgot to say in, but I ran the updated version past Zerzan and he’s happy his answers still suit the questions asked.


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