2nd Libertarian Fair: Building Anarchy

"2nd Libertarian Fair: Building Anarchy, illustration by Jorge Enkis, December 5th, 10:00am, Theater / Puppets / Clow / Music / Clowns / Workshps / Activities and more... We're Everywhere, Mexico City | Puebla | Sonora| Michoacán | Estado de México"

via Contra-Info

Disgusted by the silence, we've organized ourselves, 5 sites in one single project, working simultaneously: Mexico City | Puebla | Sonora| Michoacán | Estado de México

We're in the barrios, in the projects, and in the schools. We're ready and informed, occupied and angry.

We're everywhere!

Collaborate, support and diffuse…

Epilogue on the Movement against Capitalist Globalization

Epilogue on the Movement against Capitalist Globalization

From CrimethInc.

22 Years after N30—What It Can Teach Us Today

Twenty-two years ago today, anarchists and other protesters successfully blockaded and shut down the summit of the World Trade Organization in Seattle. This was the dramatic debut of what journalists dubbed the “anti-globalization movement”—in fact, a global movement against neoliberal capitalism. Over the past few years, we have observed the twenty-year anniversaries of several of the high points of this movement. Today, we reflect on its origins and what it can teach contemporary movements.

Anarchist Feminist Bookfair of Porto Alegre I

Anarchist Feminist Bookfair of Porto Alegre I

From I Feira Anarquista Feminista de Porto Alegre, Brasil [machine translated]

Anarchic Greetings!

It is with great joy that we publicize the location and schedule of the first Anarchist Feminist Bookfair from Porto Alegre!

On 12/04 (Saturday) and 12/05 (Sunday) the FAFPOA will take place at the House University Student of Porto Alegre - CEUPA II, located on Rua José do Patrocínio nº 648 - Cidade Baixa - Porto Alegre - RS.

english RUMOER #5

english RUMOER #5

From Rumoer

The riots in Rotterdam (and shooting people by the cops there) happened just too late to still be analyzed or celebrated or…. But, luckily enough tasty things did make it to the paper. Good tips to destroy your mobile phone, a callout to refuse the corona pass, and also a conversation on the anarcho-blocks at demonstrations, ideas on housing struggle and of course lots of news from far away and really nearby. It has not been quiet in the world of pandemics, disasters, control, and exploitation, so we shouldn’t be quiet either.

Dan Georgakas, Author and Activist has Died, 83

November 24, 2021
By Eleni Sakellis
The National Herald

NEW YORK – Greek-American Dan Georgakas, author, poet, historian, editor, professor, film scholar, activist, and longtime contributor to The National Herald passed away on November 23. He was 83.

Georgakas was the Director of the Greek American Studies Project at the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies at Queens College. He was editor of the Journal of Contemporary Hellenic Issues and his biweekly Viewpoint in TNH was one of the most-read and beloved columns in the newspaper.

The Risks of Multiformity

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

via Anarquía

Words of Anarchist Prisoner Francisco Solar

The search for freedom implies the attempt to establish and develop practices in that sense. Breaking with imposed directions, dogmas and predetermined schemes is essential in the construction of anti-authoritarian relations and in the strengthening of these.

On the preventive seizure of Malacoda & Round Robin

Read an anarchist website today!

from Malacoda

Full title: On the preventive seizure of malacoda.noblogs.org and roundrobin.info in the context of Sibilla repressive operation (Italy)

Following the Sibilla repressive operation of November 11, 2021, against the anarchist paper ‘Vetriolo’, the websites roundrobin.info and malacoda.noblogs.org were subjected to preventive seizure, in an attempt to block the online reading of articles published in the paper and others that the repressive forces believe were written by the investigated comrades.

65 Years of Revolution

for an anarchism that calls itself specific, it sounds pretty generic

from Anarchist Communists Meanjin

By Oliver

From the 27th to the 29th of October the Federación Anarquista uruguaya – FAU celebrated its 65th anniversary of its founding. The FAU developed the theory of Especifismo, a strategy for anarchist communist organising that strongly influences Anarchist Communists Meanjin. During its existence it has played a significant role in union organising, international political discourse and resistance to dictatorship. To introduce this organisation, its history and ideas to an Australian audience I have written this article.


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